Day intermediary: Japan is about to choose Hiroshima to do G7 peak to be able to meet with Aobama " overrule "

Jan 12, 2022 上海龙凤自荐

Reference news net will report day intermediary says on October 12, 11 days choose next year in Japanese government 7 countries group (G7) the peak meets when holding the ground, hiroshima city ever was hopeful await choose one of ground, and American government just expresses to object holding a peak to meet in Hiroshima to day. American government official says: We ever told day square, if Aobama's president visits a nucleus according to Japanese intent,ex

plode the ground, this won't be obtained in American home reputably.

Will report on October 11 according to joint company, 3 premier will announce An Beijin this year in June, the G7 peak of next year can be in ternary county annals rub city is held. The machine that attends a peak to meet borrows to visit Hiroshima, Naga

saki to hold to Aobama inside Japan expect very high. It is proper that mainstream public opinion of the United States thinks to Hiroshima of atom bomb bomb and Nagasaki are used in World War II. From the United States afore-mentioned manners of the government can see, square expectation implements day not easily.

Say according to American government official, the United States just is opposite at that time how times fumble the possibility that holds a peak to meet in Hiroshima feels anxious, express to Japan through many diplomatic channel, whether to visit a nucleus to explode the ground had better be decided by Aobama's him president.

According to Japanese government relevant personage says, in holding 8 Hou Xuancheng city that the peak meets, final phase leaves celestial being stage, mark only rub with Hiroshima. The peak is held to meet in city of celestial being stage can reveal east the progress that rebuilds after calamity of Japanese earth shake, hold in Hiroshima city conduce to the appeal eliminating nuclear weapon, but Japanese government decides to will hold meeting of G7 minister of foreign affairs in Hiroshima in April next year finally. Whether does Ernest of spokesman of American the White House visit Hiroshima, Nagasaki to express not to eliminate the possibility in the future with respect to Aobama on the press conference August, express not to answer implementation visit to had cherished big hope again at the same time.

The report says, of the United States have successively held the posts of Secretary of State to never had visited Hiroshima. Hiroshima place very peace is headed for to commemorate a park first when expecting American Secretary of State will attend meeting of G7 minister of foreign affairs in April in next year.

(original title: Day intermediary says Aobama overrules Hiroshima to do G7 peak to meet)

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