The refugee of female take sb in that hopes to strap architect especially replaces Nazi for years " repay a debt "

Xierdeshilamu of German old lady is the daughter that hopes to strap chief architect especially. To replace Nazi father condonable she is dedicated to peace for years, object racialism, aid financially Jewish woman. Recently, she take sb in two Syria refugee.

Busy big curtilage

When the apple that hangs full branch, pear and peach are looked up and down in the courtyard, shilamu discovers to an unfamiliar Syrian appears in him house. This not only did not make her disturbed, still let her show smile.

It is the friend that my Syrian lodger brings certainly. From Syria they know comer, they can stay in me all the time here, what should do next till the decision, shilamu tells to accompany the BBC reporter beside.

Since this year January, use the have sb in one's care that pull Mu Na Qier of two Syria refugee and Aihamaide. In month of close in the past nine, shilamu's villa became the home of these two youths, kitchen, toilet is opened to them entirely, still prepared alone bedroom to them.

Look in Shilamu, this is again reasonable the arrangement that does not pass. Because large quantities of refugees are swarmed into, refugee center of Germany has too many visitors or business to deal with. Should have the land only, every other people should take sb in a refugee, this old lady of 79 years old says. This is a simple decision, we have a plenty of the ground, everybody also agrees.

Shilamu lives in in capacious, elegant woodiness room, below 4 buildings have on labyrinthian the guest room like and corridor. Him Shilamu is not clear also, there is how many person after all in this house. She says, we always try cram it.

Be in early 1968, shilamu and husband and additionally one pair of husband and wife give money to buy this next houses. They plan at first, live in that way like a community here, each other are helped, raise the child together. They still had run a nursery school in garden hut even.

The most lively when, altogether is staying in 16 adult and 6 children here. Come a few years, the dweller of this house will go, only Shilamu lives all the time here.

Current, shilamu and her two Syria friend lives in. Although be without reservation to open wide a door to them, shilamu ever also worried, adjust at first period be unavoidable attrition and conflict.

My concern should plan a lot of issue as a whole, oneself can can't bear heavy burden finally and break down, she says. Result however the unexpectedly is successful. Say bluntly, there are not any problems at all later, make a person amazed.

To Jewish repay a debt

This person that because apply,pulling Mu probably is a business, have housekeeping of time bother about hardly. She chairs a foundation that the name is redound all the year round, to the De Yi that devotes into art and academic research Jewish woman provides support.

Shellfish of father A Er applies Pare especially is well-known Nazi architect. He holds the position of chief architect of Xitele for a long time, the work that its direct a design arrives greatly the building of extensive great, small to setting of a certain assembly. The official reachs Shi Peier later armament and minister of war production ministry, the warlike machine high speed that is in charge of letting Nazi Germany runs.

After the Second World War ends, because Shi Peier disobeys human suffering and warlike blame to be sentenced 20 years to imprison. He abandoned appealing, think with what ever brought to the world affliction photograph is compared, any penalty are negligible.

In those days, shilamu just 9 years old, the father in the life is serious vacancy. Shi Peier is sentenced after put in prison, this is as long as to father daughter 20 years of exchange of letters. Apply the hope that pull Mu, can lend this understanding father. She was sold off from father there a few successive renown pictures, money foundation of all infuse redound.

She says: Many German because persecute,Jewish get rich becomes rich, reave their job, occupy their house and belongings by force, look in her, to Jewish repay a debt the collective that is Germany is compulsory.

20 centuries 80 time, shilamu acts important role in the hurried opposing war in Germany and motion, obtain for two times later anthology burgeoning the assemblyman of green party. After thing heart is unified, she resigns other job, single-minded devotion opposes the cause of the colour bar.

New home of foreign land

Of Shilamu include and amiable your person is loosened, na Qier and Aihamaide regarded here as him home.

Look at Aihamaide to refined in the kitchen cultivated land make tea, shilamu is mentioned gladly partake so-called rule of housework. They were wrapped completely, I always say: Let me come, but they are defter than me, she says, there is custom here.

During section of resume a meat diet, na Qier and Aihamaide prepare rich food after curtain of night arrives, sit in outdoor garden together with Shilamu, multiplying the dim light of night to savour cate. No matter Ai Ha strides the rice of heart cooking, hotpot, still be Dabole salad and red bean soup, it is the cate that Shilamu dotes on.

When he begins to cook, actually I had eaten dinner, she says, but their dishes to go with rice is so aromatic, I cannot help eating again, this kind of thing often happens.

Aihamaide can have told fluent German. He says, to oneself character, live in Shilamu here means the life to be moved toward eventually normal. In take sb in the center can be done without the thing, he says, you can sit to wait only ah etc, it is mysterious really here, I can give call in the home, still can oneself cook.

It is Aihamaide and Naqier's lasting topic to the longing of home town and domestic person. Aih

amaide's room is capacious and neat, furniture is not much, still putting model of a false tooth. This is one of souvenirs with the not much number that he brings from Syria.

In Damascus when, aihamaide reads a college of medicine. He plans to become a dentist originally, but the dream that the war interrupted him flintily. Besides leave one's native place, he has no alternative.

He was spent full 3 years time comes to German of Germany, study, but this just begins. Want to find a decent job here, he overcomes heavy obstacle even. Think of these every time, aihamaide is difficult attack by surprise is sad. The mother of his sickish father and old still lives in Syria, harm possibly at any time by flames of war. I had not seen them two many years, his voice says asply, also do not know when can good-bye one side.

The echo relapses to wear in my brain a song. He opens notebook computer, click an Arabic to choose purpose of beautiful red-letter day to inspect screen, a player sings: Return from journey, you leave already too long.

Mutual help

Compare with Aihamaide, na Qier is done not have it seems that so sensitivity, american male singer comes out in his earphone Aiminamu's Bacchic Xi Ha Yin is happy. I love to hear his music, na Qier is laughing to say, he lets me clutch every opportunity, do not abandon absolutely.

Na Qier just attends a German to take an exam. Take an examination of an official to let him talk to guard the view of the law to German children with German. He is right this utterly ignorant.

In Syria when, na Qier never has wanted to want to learn German. When taking an exam through doctor qualification, he plans to be in practise medicine of middle east each country. After Syrian civil war erupts, na Qier hears Germany is short of cure urgently to protect personnel, think method to come to here. Nowadays, he thinks of the hospital is become cleaner have no access to sth. Want to find the job, he gets regain school, learn German, record of formal schooling of new attestation.

Two his elder sisters also have gone through hardships and dangers to come to Germany, live in Germany respectively the center of two take sb in of other place, await refugee qualification application is permissive. Among them an elder sister is bringing 3 children (7 years old, 5 years old mix 1 year old) be crossed secretly from mediterranean and come. Na Qier objects stoutly at the outset. Too dangerous, she sees somebody dies before soon in person. Nowadays, he is looking forward to to reunite with elder sisters as early as possible.

Find a place for in Home Shilamu after coming down, na Qier is moved deeply by the goodness of local and generosity. Besides Shilamu, live in this villa the person of other floor is very affable also to him. Somebody gave him a bicycle, still tell him although,need helps dehisce.

My be not a patch on

them, I envisage them same goodness, but those who do is insufficient still, na Qier says.

Shilamu however not so think. In the past in a few months, the old disease of her backache breaks out once more, it is Aihamaide and help of accept neat Er her purchase articles for use, do chore. They cannot be underestimated to her help. They helped me many, she says, I must notice not to make them dry too much, we always are laughing to say, I think can help you, the result is you helped me. (Yuan Yuan) (Xinhua News Agency stalks of grain especially)

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