European Shikoku rejects refugee apportion to plan pair of Germany " ride roughshod over " express dissatisfaction

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[round-the-world times is stationed in Xu Zhenzhen of Qing Mu of reporter of German engage by special arrangement] the European Union sees 22 days in the rarely on interior minister meeting the ground with most ticket means puissant through distributing the program of 120 thousand refugee. Czech, Slovak, Romania, Hungarian the country of 4 nay is right Western Europe country, especially German ride roughshod over expresses dissatisfaction. Assist of Slovak premier humble expresses 23 days, do not implement apportion plan absolutely, will appeal to to European court. Class of Er of Europe of Hungarian prime minister says, reject the moral imperialism that accepts Germany to go up in refugee crisis. " " relevant: European Union vote is compulsive apportion receives member country 120 thousand refugee

According to Afp report, in the European Union refugee problem urgent peak of 23 days is met before today, long meeting of European Union Home Office finds a place for with respect to move 120 thousand refugee is reached consistent. Plan of this one apportion takes the kind that most ay carries namely, european Union of and rather than before decision-making when adopted full carries kind. Polish plump; is only additional in the Eastern European country Finland sent bill of waive the right. BBC (BBC) thinks, in involve state sovereignty problem to go up, the European Union uses most ticket to vote through means be different from common. This refugee finds a place for be freewill property look on schedule face, actually member country does not have a choice almost.

The Eastern European country finds a place for to this one refugee schedule shows anger in. Czech president Ze Man says, future will prove this is a mistake. Assist of Slovak premier humble expresses, polling this is unprecedented on European Union history, he won't be obedient and voting result. Be in Latvian, hundreds person holds remonstrant activity, object apportion of refugee of interior minister plump planning.

England " defend a newspaper " say, western Europe country praises this one voting result. The bear the blame for Europe and progresses proof that interior minister Kazenafu weighs France. Poland of German criterion acknowledgment did not resemble country of Europe of other middle east same blackball. The word of Aolangde of president of France of 23 days of cite says Reuter, the country that rejects executive plan will bear consequence. He says, the European Union may suspend the aid of these pair of countries. His criticism says, you cannot ask Europe is assisted at the same time, reject unitive demand of Europe at the same time.

" defend a newspaper " say, apportion plans to divide a phase to undertake, the first phase will have fifteen thousand six hundred to enter a country with fifty thousand four hundred respectively Italy and Greek refugee are found a place for by move country of other European Uni

on. After a year, consult again this one scale finds a place for 54 thousand when remain enter a country Italy and Greek refugee. According to BBC report, the member country that the European Union will reject to implement this plan according to 0.002% pairs of GDP is in in order to fine.

European Union head is met on the peak in 23 days on approve this one plan. Chair a Guo Lusen of chairman of European Union spell of interior minister meeting Asaierboen weighs fort diplomacy chancellery, the country of blackball of his make no doubt of also will implement this plan. Asaierboen expresses, plan is in antagonistic case falls to because this is emergency,be passed forcibly. He says, if European Union not so do, europe will face more serious division.

After apportion plans to decide, jiao Jiajiang of assemble of European Union urgent peak safeguards periphery border, and the p

roblem such as the aid outside providing the specified number to Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and U.N. orgnaization. European Union committee decides 23 days to increase 1.7 billion euro to allocate funds, with the critical establishment that receives the refugee at improving each country, help the nation that can'ts bear heavy burden.

Before the meeting that attend a summit, class of Er of Europe of Hungarian prime minister undertook is full of the visit of deep desire to German Bavaria city. German TV one platform scale, zhouyi and this week 2, munich of Bavarian city metropolis swarms into 5600 refugees again. Ze Huofu of this state governor is in base the refugee policy that company alliance criticizes Mokeer strongly all the time of late. Europe Er class is asked about to face an European Union to embarrass in Bavarian city civilian tide scuffle, the answer when hoping Mokeer becomes the issue of what says, the most important is not to want reimpose morality imperialism.

U.N. thinks the European Union answers refugee crisis to still be done far not quite. BBC says, u.N. refugee work is high commissioner agency spokesman Sa rice thinks, the allocation of the European Union plans to be able to 't resolve refugee crisis. Up to now, already 480 thousand refugee arrives at Europe, but henceforth two years only 120 thousand refugee is able to find a place for. Samidui closes to the European Union increases find a place for number.

From Hungarian after closing border, the refugee number that swarms into Keluodeya rises continuously. Afp says, , nearly 9000 refugees enter this territory inside, achieve record. Premier Keluodeya urges refugee of Saierweiya guiding to go to Hungarian with Romania, overcome Luo Deya burden in order to reduce. But German TV one platform scale, be as long as outside Saierweiya the agree is strange censure Keluodeyayin refugee crisis shuts border land port, say this is trade war and economic aggression.

Original title: European Shikoku rejects refugee apportion to plan to express dissatisfaction to German ride roughshod over

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