"Chinese edition " photograph of data of Xiao Jiguo's individual imitates Aobama lifelike

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Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian " Chinese edition " does photograph of data of Xiao Jiguo's individual imitate Aobama lifelike origin: ? Comfort?2015-09-21 08:4 of cangue  ⑼Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Beautiful intermediary says, be in Chinese Guangzhou, special model actor hope has his moment further through acting American president Aobama perform art bound.

Xiao Jiguo of Aobamate actor (data picture)

Website of phonic broadcasting station will report on September 21, xiao Jiguo is like American president Aobama quite long. Not only two people have dark color of skin, xiao Jiguo still says his birthday and Aobama are only poor one day. In addition, they still have same blood group.

Xiao Jiguo of 29 years old is in this year have one's moment before performing artistic circle, had worked, had done security personnel. He attended 2012 at that time very igneous TV chooses beautiful contest, begin to be in network playlet and little motion picture from now on appear in public. He returns Ceng Wei to rectify model the hospital has made ad, do not cross him firm the appearance that weighs oneself is inherent.

Xiao Jiguo imitates Aobama lifelike, still can suffer even occasionally invite attend a few do laugh at an activity, invent with oneself, everybody is understood not English addresses. He says: My English is no good. When appearing on the stage to make a speech, I can say a few true English, place English of a few holidays, the English of myself, everybody is understood not. It is good to demonstrate a paragraph to everybody now.

He is recently in a detective comedy piece perform a match colors, he should be in play of a tussle firm beats leadin

g role.

There are person of Korean, chinese mainland and sweet Hongkong's person in the play staff, they are in a field is direct be in charge of him to call Aobama, still can ask to be placed with him pat close according to.

(original title: Beautiful intermediary: Chinese edition Aobamate actor has his moment imitate lifelike)

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