Xi'an of Indian premier Mo Di changes 3 dresses 1 day to be paid attention to again by assist vogue (graph)

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Login register Xi'an of Mo Di of premier of India of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian 1 day to change 3 dresses to be paid attention to again by assist vogue (graph) origin: ?  paralysis?2015-09-15 11:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Since Indian premier Mo Di enters general election oneself and winning victory, for the world each are big media contributed many top news, his almirah is not exceptional also. He brings a fashionable agitation for Indian political field, his luxuriant babushka, cut out stand properly get the trousers with jacket and tight appreciably to let a pers

on shine at the moment. And the Indian premier Mo Di that is known as political field vogue to be bestowed favor on newly, during visitting Xi'an, wear again gave a new scope of operation, 3 clotheses were changed inside a day.

Gules bank shoulder + orange long gown + white trousers + tangerine yellow amice

White long gown + white trousers + brown amice + sunglasses

The tall of similar Chinese tunic suit gets general benefit suit

The bodhi sapling that Mo Di gives

Tie-in shoulder of 1 gules bank + orange long gown + white trousers + tangerine yellow amice

Wearing a place: Reach the airport

Yesterday morning, arrive at the Mo Di of Xi'an airport, wear the Indian nation dress with bright-coloured a suit, attracted a large number of netizens to surround view. Before this, when Xi Jinping of Chinese state chairman visits India, in Mo Di's home town, imprint in two countries leader is wearing the bank shoulder that grows partly, have Indian nation local color very much.

When the plane below yesterday, mo Di wears pants of long gown of gules bank shoulder, orange, white adscititious an orange lubricious amice. It is reported, the orange that serves as one of main color of Hinduism is lubricious, be Mo Di from beginning to end love most. Actually, this kind establishs the shoulder of the bank that do not have sleeve that get and long sleeve jacket, in India it is to be being installed.

University of Xi'an foreign language imprints song of Kang Yu of director of ground language staff room, ceng Zaiyin spends public school to study abroad. Introduce according to her, mo Di's dress is the improved edition of Indian tradition dress. Long A Chinese-style unlined garment or long gown should reach genu to grow commonly, cuff is narrower. The render pants tha

t the netizen weighs, it is trousers actually, the bottom of a trouser leg after reforming nevertheless is narrow edition. After reforming, put on go can appearing spell able and rich vigor. This kind of collocation is outside pants of long gown lengthen, return meeting the upper part of the body to add pony armour commonly, also be called to pit shoulder, can match sometimes an amice. This kind of attire is formal circumstance is dressed up.

China business signs up for reporter Sun Hongwei

Tie-in 2 white long gown + white trousers + brown amice + sunglasses

Wearing a place: Military forces tomb figure, go in for sth in a large scale temple of be apt to

Show according to publishing a photograph, mix in tomb figure of visiting military forces go in for sth in a large scale when temple of be apt to, mo Di changes white long gown and white trousers, tie-in still a brown amice. This body is comfortable and comfortable dress up Rangmodi to look very relaxed. Perhaps be the cause that heats up because of the day, the Indian advocates white, male dress is given priority to with white.

Yesterday morning, station of Mo Di head comes to museum of tomb figure of military forces of Qin Shi emperor, whole journey is wearing sunglasses to look around. The picture that he sees inside the house is released on foreign gregarious website by spokesman of Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, draw include Indian netizen inside foreign netizen transmit, mo Di and military forces tomb figure all sorts of interacting, the picture appears laugh fruit is dye-in-the-wood.

Tie-in the suit of Qiao Depu benefit of 3 similar Chinese tunic suit

Wearing a place: Wild goose tower, south the door

Yesterday, when tower of visiting wild goose, mo Di changed a suit to look be like exquisite of relatively conservative, clipping brunet suit, be similar to Chinese Chinese tunic suit. Sign up for reporter understanding according to China business, the design of this dress drew lessons from Ban Dega of dress of Indian tradition nation to pull (without get coat of a kind of Chinese-style jacket with buttons down the front) . Jacket collar stands for Ni Helu type get (be similar to Chinese tunic suit stand get) , this kind of dress also is called suit of Qiao Depu benefit normally. This kind of suit is the Buddhist nun commonly hertz Lu Shili gets coat to match trousers, the collar of coat can have daedal embroidery sometimes.

Actually, mo Di wears suit of Qiao Depu benefit rarely. When visitting the United States last year, mo Di ever wore suit of Qiao Depu benefit to cause attention. At that time, with Aobamahui when the face, mo Di changed exquisite of a suit clipping blue-black stripe suit, although look,be like common, actually has content greatly. Original, the fore-and-aft book that those stripe are full name of Mo Diying article actually is written, these letters appeared on the dress over and over.

China business signs up for reporter Yuan Jinhui

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