Japan encounters even below 50 years rainstorm to send 25 people to be missing 410 thousand person is suggested scattered

Suffer typhonic Ai Tao to affect, the rainstorm tha

t Japanese east of Shanhaiguan and northeast area fall below 50 years to be encountered day after day. The strong rainfall of Japanese east of Shanhaiguan and northeast area kills 11 days of aggravate with big damage caused by waterlogging, encounter afternoon before today definitely the Ci city county of the bank constant total city has 25 people to be missing, more than 410 thousand person of city of stage of celestial being of metropolis of palace city county is suggested scattered.

This infrequent big damage caused by waterlogging is killed, cause peopl

e to be opposite of security of blessing island nuclear power plant anxious. Magisterial Jian Yiwei says room of Japanese ministerial official, because rainfall is bigger, the rainwater that falls into blessing island nuclear power plant may flow into Pacific Ocean finally. But the view according to him, the nuclear radiation in these rainwater estimates the critical value that will provide under safe level greatly.

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