Indian edition the Foolish Old Man removed the mountains: The wife cuts off because of hill road hill of authentic of get killed man 22 years

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Login register edition of India of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian the Foolish Old Man removed the mountains: Does the wife cut off because of hill road hill of authentic of get killed man: of 22 years of origin? ?2015-08-26 10:5 of quiet Huan feltEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http:// channel

The Foolish Old Man removed the mountains is the folklore of Chinese widely known, but in India, also have the Foolish Old Man removed the mountains of contemporary edition.

Imprint intermediary says, ha Erbang is compared in India, the wife that a man is souvenir to die in the jolt in hill, alone person cut into a mountain builds a road 22 years. His story touchs countless Indians, more the Cheng Baolai that be patted as fortified building the film " hill person " , show

in India at present.

The film " hill person " propagandist placard.

Indian I Gong Manji

Certain day and night road 22 years

" daily Post " report, the Foolish Old Man removed the mountains of contemporary edition happens in imprint in a valley that north compares Ha Erbang, I official name is called graceful auspicious. 1959, ni of cereal of humble of graceful auspicious wife meets a contingency in unfortunate valley, because be located in devious, phenanthrene cereal Ni fails to be sent in time toward the hospital, exsanguine finally overmuch and dead.

What Cong Manji lives is a mountainous area the town to recently, the villager should span the hill road of 55 kilometers. Repeat to avert tragedy, graceful auspicious decides from the cut in the valley a cutoff, developed the huge project of the Foolish Old Man removed the mountains with a hammer and a chisel.

Carry the work of 22 the eve of the lunar New Year with afterwards day, graceful auspicious is in eventually 1982 the passageway between get through valley and small town. Although the passageway has 110 short meters long only, shorten the distance between two ground however 15 kilometers.

The story of graceful auspicious is very beautiful and beautiful, he lets become a possibility impossibly, helped the local of thousands of, act graceful auspicious Xidiji tells the actor of treasure Lai a depressed place of one horn Afp. The most difficult it is the feeling that should deduce the sort of insanity, his job is extraordinary, he should make the youth's image.

Can subjective Luo Man history

2007, graceful auspicious dies because of cancer, die at the age of is 73 years old, than breathing out the enormous contribution of Er state government with graceful auspicious, do funeral for him with state funeral grade. Graceful auspicious ever said, when he begins authentic hill, the villager thinks he is mad, just discover graceful auspicious moves later Shan Zhiju is not one fashionable to rise.

Film of treasure Lai a depressed place directs plum tower to say, when just beginning to hear this story, he does not believe. People thinks graceful auspicious is crazy, how is the power that leans a person merely among hill cut a road? Plum tower says. But arrive when me the spot, when that way that sees graceful Ji Xiu, I know I should take ministry motion picture for graceful auspicious. Graceful auspicious is human spirit and love is indicative, very regrettablly is, we just often realize their value after the person is dead.

After 30 graceful auspicious is finishing years, local government levels road eventually, let it become local dweller's main thoroughfare. However, gracef

ul auspicious gains fame fairly to cause the dissatisfaction of domestic member however as contemporary I. " Indian times " report, the kin of graceful auspicious complains say, a lot of honoured guest come round to look around, abide by acceptance to help them break away from poverty without the person however.

Plum tower introduces, " hill person " the account that the play basically carries local villager, reporter and newspaper article is made up write and become. But the story happening times as a result of graceful auspicious and wife is ages ago, can complement through the imagination only. Plum tower says: The fact is a fact, we can subjective that paragraph of Luo Man history. (Ling Xi)

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