China is stationed in day of diplomatic mission to affirm in China discover 4 Japan are emissary 2 people are arrested

The report will say Japanese joint company on October 28, china was stationed in Japanese embassy 28 days to ho

ld routine press conference. Li Kejiang of premier of concerned China the State Council will come to will visit Korea on November 2 on October 31 and attend meeting of Sino-Japanese Han leader, whether to bring times advance with Japanese premier the 3 issues that hold bilateral talk, embassy spokesman He Zhenliang states Sino-Japanese double Founder maintains at this point communicate.

About American warship 27 days enter reef of Guam of Chinese Nanhai photograph the problem of the water area around, he Zhenliang reiterated Chinese position, namely it is right that China reachs his to add coastal waters region to have dominion, beautiful square this action to The Nansha Islands in square provoke badly.

In addition, because be suspected of,be adopted in China about 4 Japanese coercive measures be related, he Zhenliang says, among them two people are arrested, one person is detained, one person is lived by


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