Bay can is earthed up pull will become capital of legalization of software of car of first Uber of world (graph)

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Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian is bay can earthed up pull will become capital of legalization of software of car of first Uber of world (graph) origin: ? ?2015-09-30 15:4 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http:// channel

In new network report will report 30 days according to Australia net on September 30, in Australia other administration area, the actor pace driver of devoid management begins market of embezzle tradition taxi, and the safe menace to the passenger also causes the driver spelling a car of devoid management increasingly social attention. Meanwhile, can is earthed up pull a government to also will publish a series of cutting down taxi and the policy of moving cost of the trade that hire a car, in order to help they and competition of private business spelling a car.

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The report says, chief minister Ba Er represents chieftain ground 30 days, can is earthed up pull will become on the world first to allow actor condition the capital city of legitimate operation, he still states relevant reform includes to allow a taxi driver to must wear the uniform loose policy that accords with actor pace style no longer. He says: These reform measure will promote innovation, drive the taxi can develop continuously with what employ car industry, can earths up the taxi driver that pull people also contact organic meeting diversification business, include traditional roadside to bar car business, business spelling a car and tripartite software order car business, this will conduce to raise productivity and income level, will earth up the liaison man that p

lays a citizen to offer high quality to carry a service for can.

In addition, ba Er still expresses, private driver spelling a car also should obtain the government to approbate and register formally, refer criminal record and drive the history, car also must pass car check and perfect insurance. Ba Er points out: Chieftain ground government realises new commercial pattern will bring pressure to taxi industry, this also is why the government will cut taxi cost since October 30, halve expended taxi license plate 2016, be in 2017 again halve, the cost of year license tag of the industry that hire a car also will drop considerably.

It is reported, same favourable policy still includes to allow a taxi to be pulled in roadside only guest and use valuation implement, private business spelling a car will allow beforehand negotiate a price only, and need is handed in 50 bay yuan application fee, 65

bay yuan car check is expended and 45 bay yuan prove cost without criminal record.

(Original title: Bay can is earthed up pull will become capital of legalization of software of car of first Uber of world)

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