Aobama attends true person show wild seek to live on eat mice flesh to pass through desert gorge

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Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian does Aobama attend true person show wild seek to live on eat mice flesh to pass through: of desert gorge origin? Comfort?2015-09-02 11:

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Stage intermediary says, american TV program makes an unit 1 day announce, presidential Aobama will be in the Alaska is wild postscript hill ford, and to the British adventurer Ge Ruisi that has worm (BearGrylls) ask for advice seeks to live on skill.

According to Taiwan Broadcasting Corporation of country of United States of central company quote (NBC) express, the Aobama that heads for astringent the Great Northern Wilderness from comfortable the White House will appear in new of one collect " wild seek to live on to star completely " (Running Wild With Bear Grylls) .

The report says, ge Ruisi ever was in England army of air duty special type (SAS) enlist in army, saint of Niu Aoliang of professional soccer NFL lets in the program (Saints) quarterback Bulisi (Drew Brees) with female Xing Kai Tewensi bud (Kate Winslet) the limit that waits for celebrity to surmount them.

The job that they

win includes to eat mice meat, from machine very quickly and next reaching pass through desert gorge. The United States of responsible Aobamaweian is especially diligent bureau won't allow a president to undertake this kind of activity normally.

The report says, aobama will become the first place to appear in " wild seek to live on to star completely " medium American president, this volume program is booked broadcast later this year, lift newly for what the White House is dedicated to contacting new audience.

The report says, aobama visits an Alaska is to highlight the influence of climate changes, and climate changes is in this the area of a country's territory is broad and the effect that the city with exiguous signs of human habitation causes, include sea level to rise, glacier is cut melt gradually with frozen earth.

The White House is being pushed special (Twitter) on write say, aobama just arrived Alaska, upload first pieces of his photograph in Instagram.

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