Thailand government states Bangkok explosion incident is not in the light of Chinese tourist

Electric Thailand country will safeguard xinhua net Bangkok on August 20 Suwani says safety and Wentai of order commission spokesman 20 days, thailand government thinks Bangkok explosion incident is not in the light of Chinese tourist.

Suwani expresses, thai

land government already sought a help to Interpol, provided suspect information and case relevant data, application pursues explosive case suspect jointly.

According to Thailand media newest report, besides be labelled formerly outside yellow garment man of the suspect, thailand police added two people newly on suspect list again. In the meantime, thailand government thinks incident of this detonate blast is not in the light of Chinese tourist.

Report, two suspects that add newly all are the male, it is police basis 17 days the monitoring kinescope of explosive place shows and the lock decides, wearing red and white dress respectively. Thailand safety branch preliminary judgement thinks, this two people likelihood and yellow garment man are gang crime, nevertheless police did not publish more material.

19 days, the American reporter that is stationed in Thailand held columnist Michael Er concurrently to release the video of kinescope of a similar monitoring on gregarious website, express, explosive spot suspect may have 3 people. Video presentation, yellow garment man ever had had the eyes to contact with two suspects, yellow garment man puts one black knapsack those who be on the side of all sides Buddha to sit chair the vamoose after going up, produced explosion before long.

Yo of eulogy of overall length of Thailand state police expresses 20 days, the case of explosion of Buddha of Bangkok all sides of 17 day happening commits a crime for the gang, experience case suspect exceeds 10 people.

Thailand premier cling to Yo appeals explosive suspect confesses his crime as soon as possible 19 days late. Peaceful police already offer a reward an ancient unit of weight of 1 million peaceful (add up to) of 180 thousand yuan of RMB about, encourage people clue.

Current, thailand police is undertaking raid acts with all one's strength, special strengthened the airport, border land to be opposite lea

ve the country the examination of personnel, police says the suspect still is probable inside peaceful territory. (Reporter Li Ying of bright main forces)

Outspread read: Bangkok explosion sends 7 China citizen to die commit the crime suspect or the Fuzhou in 3 people Bangkok explodes one male teacher dies it is normal that its mother already arrived at airliner of Bangkok Fuzhou flying Bangkok to all be in go to Thailand group to swim uninfluenced

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