Pull those who ascend child haing Mu plunges into first degrees " phonate " appeal proponent assaults the west

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Just when the extreme organizes Mohammedan country (wh

ole world of IS) indulge in wilful persecution during, another horror organizes base organization to also be dedicated to increasing force. Late chief plays base originally the son Hamuza that ascend released recording a few days ago, appeal proponent launchs assault to the ally of the United States and United States, this is base ascend in order to pull first child make a call. Flower intermediary analysis says, base is to hope Jie is pulled ascend effect of the rest brand, the IS that contends to rise abruptly continuously.

The report says, hamuza goes out in recording middle finger, the propo

nent is responsible uptodate the flames of war in Afghanistan and Iraqi and other places, through alone the means move such as wolf assault comes the west, want to attack the interest of American Jew at the same time.

His appeal is in American capital Washington, England in the proponent of Bagdad of capital of Afghan capital Kabul, Iraq and Gaza Strip the Telaweifu of Paris of capital of capital London, France and Israel starts war of so called emperor.

It is reported, the say Hamuza that has horrible crown prince is to pull ascend more than 10 children among them, bottom hind never appeared 2001, the outside reckons he is uptodate 23 to 24 years old, it is one of choice of persons of base future chief.

The U.S. Army is in pull the letter that publishs abode check to obtain to show, haing Mu plunges into one's early years to be put under house arrest Yu Yilang, escaped 2001. He ever wrote to father to weigh fear by the feeling of captivity, think him thoroughly tempered, determination follows father participates in holy battle, otherwise wins, otherwise martyrdom.

The recording that releases this, organization of base be consideringed as regards formal member as formally to be publicized external Hamuzabenladeng first.

It is reported, army of American special type assaulted the hideout that Benladeng is in Pakistan 2011, shoot dead its. Base organization is lettered by 2 original figures Waxili is directed subsequently. 2001, american leader marchs Afghanistan, among the picture that peninsula TV station broadcasts at that time, the person that doubt is like Hamuzabinladeng and tower benefit class arm together.

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