The girl is fed to the bird feed bring a crow to pay a debt of gratitude " dimensions " too big be sued by neighbour

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a crow to pay a debt of gratitude " dimensions " too big: of origin be prosecutioned by neighbour? Be not Nao?2015-08-16 11:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http:// channel

Will report on August 12 according to associated press, recently, an other people of American Xi Yatu city is sued by neighbour, the daughter that origin is this dweller 8 years old feeds bird dimensions too big impact lives to neighbour.

Be fond of a bird to feed the little girl that feed fine than

According to the report, the hero little girl of incident fine than often using earthnut, dog grain feeds a crow with a few ort, she expresses, oneself are not to obtain reward and do these, like nature because of her however.

Little girl fine than received gift

Later, the crow often holds a few glistening things to give her, the dot of some of button, stationery and hardware and so on is normally inside, have her a few times to still receive dangler, the crow helped her mom look for lost camera lid even.

The girl feeds the behavior that feed to draw many and avian gather

However, its development goes a bit gradually flavour, of generosity of this 8 years old of girls hello feed behavior to draw many bird to loaf about in community. Before long hind, bird group brought rubbish is flyblown the building of neighborhood and around street, still drew on mice even. Neighbour people think community is not to spread out large-scale animal to feed the proper place that feeds an activity, they ask this family recoups a loss in all 200 thousand dollar (add up to a RMB about 1.28 million yuan of) , ask their daughter decreases feed appetite.

Many bird loafs about in community.

Full ground birds' droppings lets neighbour be driven beyon

d forbearance. .

But this person did not make any responses to be being sued this, the daughter that they just say themselves is fond of from pee hello feed an animal, and they also proud because of the affiliation that builds between daughter and animal.

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