Indonesia carries 54 people plane to break couplet in Ba Buya area

Jan 14, 2022 Uncategorized

Latest news: According to CCTV news: [there are 54 people to include 5 children on machine] this plane belongs to Telikana airline, plane model is ATR42/300. There are 54 people on the plane, among them unit staff 5 people, 49 people of passenger, include 5 c

hildren. Plane takeoff time is Beijing time 15: 22, predict to arrive at time for 16: 15. The plane is in 15: 55 lose connection.

Xinhua net dispatch: Occupy dispatches from

foreign news agency to report, an Indonesian plane that holds 54 people breaks couplet 16 days in Ba Buya area.

In occupying, new network reports: This plane belongs to Teligana airline, local time 16 days 15 when (Beijing time 14 when) break couplet, the plane checks Yapula to take off from Ba Buya metropolis, original plan flies to Oukexibile (Oksibil) .

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