Flower queen spends 40 thousand pound to be built for 200 beloved Sai Ge " a person of extraordinary powers curtilage " (graph)

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The intermediary outside occupying reports, when Buckingham Palace is pointed to to need 150 million pound to underta

ke maintaining by the outside, flower queen should decorate a building with great quantity again, nevertheless this is for her beloved Sai Ge.

Flower the blueprint of queen new pigeonry.

The report says, queen present raise columbine ground to nod the Sangdelingemu in Norfolk county (garden of village of Sandringham) emperor home town, pigeonry is woodiness structure, a few wood already began some decay, the floor also becomes broken to become old. Love columbine living conditions to be affected, queen then a good deal of one brandish, preparation spends 40 thousand pound to build new dove palace afresh.

Disclose according to chief, new pigeonry will be very modern, can make great efforts in ventilated respect, clean very easily also at the same time, provisions columbine person and dove build easy environment at the same time.

1886, 2 worlds sent Belgian kingly Liaobode a few Sai Ge to British royalty, from this contest columbine activity makes the favorite of British royalty. V/arc be on the throne 63 years, flower the enthusiasm that queen moves to Sai Ge never subsidise, at present flower queen has 200 Sai Ge, these emperor contain the little sign of ER(Elizabeth Regina) of abbreviate of Latin of Yi benefit Sha Bainv king on columbine leg. Emperor columbine group often plays the game, win each size award.

Predict this year the autumn, queenly the Sai Ge with 200 sterling blood relationship is about to be moved into a person of extraordinary powers curtilage.

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