Korea woman disclose of 40 much knives is dead male netizen breaks cadaver obtains punishment 30 years

According to Korea " world daily " will report on August 7, because a Korea woman of many years old 30 is suspected of breaking cadaver kills male netizen, by Korea high court sentence a set term of imprisonment 30 years.

Gao Mou (female, 37 years old) ever was sued in order to be suspected of bloodguilty accusation by the court last year, first instance is sentenced to be a set term of imprisonment 30 years. This year on August 7, the high court maintains original judgement to when this makes final judgment

adjudicate, expressing. The high court says in judgment: The first instance adjudgement to Gao Mou fair and reasonable, motive of the age that considers Gao Mou, crime and commit the crime method, act on principle of opposite life valued, final judgment thinks first instance sentences Gao Mou set term of imprisonment 30 years to be not had undeserved.

It is reported, gao Mou ever passed the chatting tool such as network and mobile phone, pursue sexual business business all the time. Last year in May, she interviews Zhao Mou in a guesthouse of city of state of slope of path thing capital city and its environs (male, 50 years old) when, zhao Mou disclose 40 much knives send his to die on the spot. After Gao Mou uses broken dead body of Zhao Mou of electric saw general, cleared with scour and polybag scene of crime, will break cadaver piece abandon arrives the country such as slope city, Ren Chuan canal. In addition, gao Mou returns spirit away Zhao Mou's credit card bought jewelry of a few bullion to oneself.

Gao M

ou claims in the court oneself body and mind got harm at that time, but the court does not grant to accept to this.

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