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austral Fujian after poisonous ambitious escape from prison high-key bask in according to drink beer to enplane (graph) origin: ? Heir Lian?2015-07-15 10:5Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http:// channel [summary] go up in the net " provoke avowedly " , published many pieces of photograph, show big poisonous ambitious drinks beer and enplaning free condition.

President of photograph, minatory United States is basked in to participate a person on the net, the say Guciman that poison of global number one fierces and ambitious is not low-key after escape from prison, and the offer a reward that Mexican government also drives a 3.8 million dollar for its.

The graph occupies daily Post

According to Singapore " associated morning paper " 14 days of reports, gu Ciman's son is provoked avowedly on the net, published many pieces of photograph, show big poisonous ambitious drinks beer and enplaning free condition. Authorities is checking the true bogus of these photographs at present. FBI (the American president t

hat FBI) still is surveying Gu Ciman menace to ever was aimed at Mex to publish opinion on public affairs of the colour bar participates person spy bright general be related. Afp says 14 days, last week day, the name is Gu Ciman of a short person push special account is opposite with spanish hair post says Telangpu: If again nonsense, I make your get down all bad language. Current, the identity with this possessory account still is not clear about.

Zhou Yi is late, mexican chief procurator announces offer a reward 3.8 million dollar captures Guciman. And Ousuoliao of internal affairs minister thinks prison employee acted important role in Gu Ciman escape from prison again, he announces to fire official of system of 3 Mexico prison. " Washington Post " say, 30 feet are in under the jail of high guard in the channel that mining is as long as a mile is not easy thing, need to haul the dirt of hundreds of lorries not only, use high-power to dig a tool even, this is not discovered very hard. The Tang Wensi the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of arrest poisonous expert that ever tracked Guciman to be as long as 15 years thinks, if he passes channel desert, have armed personnel convoy necessarily, include case probably alarm the person with him himself. American Colombia Broadcasting Corporation says, american official thises since ancient times graceful after was arrested 2014, know he is in plan escape from prison, tell Mexican government. However, ousuoliao gives to this again deny.

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