Penguin of the Supreme Being is afraid that water is afraid that the death after falling into water struggles so that won't swim confoundedly

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Charlotte is be born in British case only Er of rich of Ross spy county pauses the penguin of the Supreme Being of the Eden on water, be raised artificially as a child big. Though Charlotte comes from natant old and well-known family, but she is afraid that water is afraid of confoundedly however.

Recently, charlotte does not want to stay in a pond with other penguin again, expect to help him conquer fear through man-to-man natant class. However, she what won't fly special fear the whole body is drenched, in wanting to put her into water especially when zoo administrator A Lisi every time when, she total death struggles, the purpose is volant Gao Fei. Of course, these are infructuous.

When discovery she fears water, after dare not entering the water alone, alisite decides he also enters the water accompany her to learn. Then he wears a tracheal knead dough to overspread, teach Charlotte how to swim personally. Nevertheless, penguin of recreant the Supreme Being also moved up and down a few times casually, still want to run away. Alisite says, the feather that Charlotte thinks of him can be hit wet scared.

Though penguin won't fly, but she for no less than water within an inch of flew also go all out quite!

Outdoors, penguin young cub is to imitate him parents to swim in water. And the human foster father that the breeder regards her as, nature is there is no shirking the responsibility.

How to say, cheer ~

Charlotte is the small penguin that England comes to the first 7 years to be raised successfully artificially, she also is the penguin of the first mother that will 9 years be born. Penguin of the Supreme Being is the 2nd kind of big penguin, height 3 feet, weight 28 pounds. Their bosom, cheek and mouth are orange, identify

very easily. In feral environment, penguin of the Supreme Being relies on to eat small fish shrimp to make a living, their native place is on the island of Antarctica northern part.

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