Day the late night surrounds 20 thousand students law of parliamentary protest security: Feel ashamed for Japan

Jan 15, 2022 爱上海同城论坛

After Japanese Boule Zhou Sitong passes security law, after the student at nightfall of tens of thousands of anger, still gather outside parliamentary building, remonstrant premier brings times advance 3 ignore popular wishes.

Outside the parliamentary building of Tokyo, the student publishs oratorical condemnation to pass security law forcibly, hold high want peace not to want a war, we are not to bring the catchphrase brand of times. Organizer estimation, controlled at 8 o'clock in the evening, even if the spot may rain, still more than 20 thousand people stay behind, continue condemn installs times, ask he is nonofficeholding.

The student says, pass such security law, japanese or else can be good living place, he is feel as Japanese ashamed, install the times disgrace that is a country more; Also the student says, youth of security law imply should be gone to possibly abroad fight, this is personal question, must walk along expression to object sound.

Japanese people protest is experienced in the spot

16 days afternoon, demonstrate person what be opposite in congress centrally is street on two side footpath, they face congress to put up high table, install enlarge sound equipment in each around corners, each political party and organism leader take turns appear on the stage to make a speech, condemnation passes security bill forcibly from Boule of civilian party pilot. Demonstrate person with in old people is given priority to, also have many kid. They shout how times nonofficeholding the catchword such as the force that does not underestimate a countryman, a lot of person strike back hold the poster that presswork or abstains.

It is successive that an

old gentleman of many years old 80 professes the 3rd day joins put on a show of force, he is right " round-the-world times " the reporter says, he still was a high school student 1945, had experienced warlike dreariness: Father be killed in action, elder sister's husband is in Burmese ginseng is war be missing. The circumstances before he says to remember 70 years feels terrible, do not think the youth henceforth repeats this horrible

experience again. And a female of many years old 20 in protesting a crowd expresses to the reporter, although do not have straight impressions to suffer to the war, but Japanese youth should not continue to be had no feeling for to politics, again endless strength is late.

Actually, these remonstrant are white sky class commonly, after coming off work, drive toward congress and advancement of premier official mansions to till,protest all right late night, the peak period of a day of protest is night 8 when to 10 when. 16 days of evening 10 when, " round-the-world times " the reporter sees from the picture on TV, the people that before gathering in congress, protests is concentrated rate equallies matched with before one evening. Company of Japanese current affairs says, outside the protest that erupted besides Tokyo that day, in Hiroshima, Xiong Ben and install the county of home town mountain pass of times, have the protest rally of different dimensions. " on the west Japanese news " say, install times government to be driven in 16 days to pass new security bill forcibly in Boule, because remove Japan 3 days to rest repeatedly from 18 days,be, bring times concern large quantities of office worker have time to come protest, in that way the countryman protests athletic general more impetus huge. (origin: Round-the-world times)

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