Chinese mom goes to the United States to produce child encounter " day price Zhang is odd " collect fees again outside formula price

Jan 15, 2022 上海后花园论坛

According to the United States " live abroad signs up for " report, chinese mom was complained to the reporter recently, the day price Zhang that receives a hospital to send during the United States is confined is odd, face this medical treatment charge outside the plan, chinese mom express very helpless.

Go to the United States to

produce from China child mother is young osmund (alias) tell a reporter, oneself are in a hospital at the beginning of June natural labor a boy, mother child in safety, produce child the 3rd day leaves hospital confinement in childbirth coming home. Receive the Zhang sheet that the hospital sends soon, need pays expenses of operation of nearly 3000 dollars and anaesthetic fee more. Small osmund say, because oneself do not have the identity, because this does not have medical treatment insurance, at the outset parturient before with the hospital already negotiate, if labor naturally,produce only child, can take the formula price of 10 thousand dollars, won't have other charge again besides 10 thousand dollars, small osmund express not to know this 3000 dollars from why and come.

Small osmund memory says, after oneself are parturient, once the doctor has enquired her, whether to need to continue anaesthetic. Small osmund think oneself belong to natural childbirth, ached one day two days to go, and narcotic is too much bad to the body, because this rejected the anaesthesia after art. Accordingly, small osmund think the thousands of dollar that comes out more perhaps is the hospital makes a mistake, oneself had not been accepted besides the operation other any dope.

As a result of small osmund do not know English, because this entrusts a friend to follow hospital connection, be informed by the hospital besides this 3000 dollars small osmund still have another the Zhang sheet of 1500 dollars needs to pay. Small osmund cannot understand completely, at the outset the formula price of come to an agreement or understanding includes everything, now mother child in safety, did not produce any other issues, why can produce new fare.

Not come singly but in pairs, united States of a lot of hold is green get stuck or not the Chinese mom of hold green card all differ level land encounters similar problem, after some mom were taking formula price additional many 1000 charge that differ to 10 thousand U.S. dollors. And most mom arrives to take to clear Zhang is odd, paid this premium silently.

Small osmund say, if do not give a hospital to pay fee, the to clear Zhang that cannot take a hospital to issue is odd, and cannot prove without this Zhang sheet oneself are in the U

nited States to do not have any is in debt quite, affect oneself to be entered the next time then close. Small osmund had entrusted friend and hospital bargaining for many times, but the hospital states further detail needs to investigate, and small osmund do not know English, need opens a proof to entrust other friend to come full-fledged member is young osmund have negotiation with the hospital, otherwise the hospital has authority to refuse small osmund any inquiries of the friend.

Small osmund say, with efficiency of American orgnaization contact with too low, a few times 3 inquiries do not have any results, but oneself sit confinement is about to leave the United States, do not know completely how to should do now, making money silently in that way like other mom perhaps just is the simplest alternative. Small osmund say: It is not easy also that we earn money, civilian money multiplies dollar add substitution again even with 6, the thousands of dollar that this comes out more is charge of very big brushstroke to us, I hope to be able to be done very much understanding after all is how to return a responsibility.

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