G7 peak can state allude file of problem of Nanhai of the East China Sea did not call-over China

Login register peak of G7 of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to you can state allude didn't file of problem of Nanhai of the East China Sea call-over Chinese origin: ? Be not?2015-06-09 08:4 of north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosomeEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] Japan is this statement in fact important and shove a hand exclusively, the behind the curtain before the stage did a large number of works.

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-the-world times " the reporter is nightly yesterday the G7 that takes this 21 pages combines statement, did not discover to Chinese place is referred in particular to in the file. Nevertheless, the ocean that in its the 8th page maintains to be a foundation with regulation is written below order and the cr

osshead that achieve maritime security, we devote oneself to to defend a human rights pact that is based on law of nations, uphold marine order to allow with treaty of U.N. ocean law especially. We pay close attention to the tight situation in the East China Sea and Nanhai. We emphasize peace solving conflict and voyage freedom and ocean to use uncrossed value. We decide, reject to use threaten, threatening or violent, and one-sided acts, its purpose is change current situation, be like large-scale fill the sea to make the land. We endorse the maritime and safe statement that conference of G7 minister of foreign affairs adopts.

Will come 8 days on June 7, group peak meets 7 countries in German Bavaria dust Er Mao Gongju goes.

German news TV station judges exposition and argumentation 8 days, long meeting passes the 7 abroad that go in Lv Bei Keju before this " the statement about marine safety " , among them a few paragraphs criticise China changes Nanhai current situation to be in charge of for one-sided. The report says, this is in G7 still is belonged to nearly 40 years on the history first. Look in China, japan is on G7 conference hook in west, calculate China. Japan is this statement in fact important and shove a hand exclusively, the behind the curtain before the stage did a large number of works.

8 days some earlier moment, spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs responds to G7 to state when to the likelihood involves Nanhai issue, express jointly, china reachs his to add coastal waters region to have incontestable dominion to The Nansha Islands, china undertakes in reef of the Sha Dao austral the part construction is the thing inside Chinese dominion limits, exotic nation has no right to interfere.

Before associated statement is published, media of Japanese much home already announced statement will make clear condemnation China, Russia and Korea ahead of schedule. Company of Japanese current affairs judges exposition and argumentation 8 days, associated statement does not have designation path to surname the ground to point out China, its manner is to ask China is adopted on Nanhai problem exercise restraint. The report still says, mix very quickly on Nanhai problem the 4 countries of European of Japanese in step, because already decided to join inferior cast row, although install the times colloquium in economic topic for discussion to go up,show the intense infighting to China so, advocate to China inferior cast state care says all right ought not to to the capital of thing pour into that cannot last, but final this proposal was not adopted to enter associated statement. Japanese joint company of 8 days alleges, g7 peak can state condemnation China fills the sea to build an island in Nanhai jointly.

According to " Irish times " report, this G7 peak of two days meets by a definite date expend 90 thousand euro according to estimating a minute, the police that defends these leader safety exceeds 20 thousand person. What should so costly conference expect? Special adviser breaths out Mond 6 days to be in before British government " daily telecommunications signs up for " on write article refer economy, Wukelan the crisis, Mohammedan country, avoid the multinomial content such as duty, but a bit did not allude Nanhai. The United States " times " weekly emphasizes this G7 peak can wanting to stare at 3 problems mainly: Concerned Wukelan - horror of the talk of Russia, Iran, whole world is minatory, did not carry Nanhai likewise.

Japanese joint company says, associated statement call-overs criticized Russia, emphasize reiterating to overcome Limiya's condemnation to illegal annex, still put forward what made global greenhouse gas is discharged 2050 to reduce a goal. Statement condemns the nucleus of Korea and missile development and staking problem strongly. Wait for initiated horrible assault about should organizing Mohammedan country to the extreme, associated statement puts forward all countries and area to answer solidarity. In economic domain, statement puts forward to will try hard to reach compromise as soon as possible with respect to TPP negotiation.

France " echo signs up for " think, the peak can state the likelihood is one has a lot of seeing to be like exalted but both neither is actually congenial also the file of conception of effect of it doesn't matter, these 7 countries of satirize of place of favour of spokesman cloth fatigue represent alliance of peace of hurried of collaboration of no less than nevertheless 10% of world population, pretend to be able to control world politics pattern however. The Russia of 8 sunrise edition " Pravda " assail G7 acts global police part.

Germany " bright mirror " weekly admits 8 days, g7 pays close attention to all sorts of major problems, but very finite already to the influence of the world. Joint company also bemoans with day, the tendercy of China and Russia is without get low-key evidence.

American diplomacy learns a warning to say, maritime to China behavior adopts associate of Japanese request G7 stronger attitude, statement denounces one-sided action, be like large-scale fill the sea to make the land, reach the purpose that objects trying to adopt use intimidate, menace or territory of armed strength requirement or marine view, like deciding to kick a Russia last year together. This one development makes clear, g7 may return to cold war period to regard defend freedom as the order, tool that answers adversary of politics of potential ground fringe. (Round-the-world times is stationed in Qing Mu of reporter of engage by special arrangement of heart, day, beautiful, Han Li Zhen desolate amounts to Zhang Tao Cui Jie to connect Liu Zhi Wang Xi)

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