German police and Holand detective are found together " hope to strap jewellery especially " (graph)

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1942, yu Bailin of v/arc be on the throne is northeast the small town of about 70 kilometers nots Li Cen, a tremendous sculpture atelier hopes to strap incite sb to do sth especially in German Nazi boss next building, of the world that sculptor and labor begin tens of names to dream to make for Xitele produce the adornment such as statuary, anaglyph. These adornment razzia in Russia Red Army was missing after Berlin.

After 70 years, berlin police and detective of a Holand together, infiltrate artwork trades blackmarket, course a few months is investigated, find the whereabouts of these sculpture.

German police issues two Ceng An to be put in the cupreous horse outside government office of new Caesarean prime minister from the carry inside goods storehouse.

These sculpture work are German Nazi boss uses those who create the world originally adornment

Horse of copper of premier government office pulls a clew

Sculpture atelier with most Aernuobuleikeer's name names the sculptor that suffers Xitele to favor, those who depositing many hoping that strap precious to love especially is giant sculpture work. However, after Russia Red Army launched Berlin campaign on April 16, 1945, this atelier by raze to the ground, the horse of tremendous stone person copper that atelier place makes also misses for a time.

Go up century 80 time, ever German artist is in early or late doubt of discovery of a playground is like the Dong Bailin at that time Xitele's sculpture. Nevertheless, after two heart are unified, these sculpture do not know wh


Pointing to the clew that they fall to appear again is 2013. Pull those who give this one clue, make an appointment with the two copper horse that Sefutuolake casts just about.

Like Er of lay mines gram, tuolake also is the sculptor that favors at that time by Xitele. He recieved orders 1939 cast two copper horse, original intent is to decorate the Nazi party of Nuremberg acting conference assembly room. These two tremendous copper horses are put to be outside the window that government office of new Caesarean prime minister hopes to strap a

study especially later. Allegedly, xitele is not Chang Zhen to love horse of these two copper, berlin made transfer them to A Ernuo lay mines to overcome Er atelier 1943 by air attack nowadays.

In September 2013, the Aideertelaodeyimeier that ever ran gallery in Berlin - carry on Er from artwork somebody is informed to offer Nazi period artist of purpose in agency mouth two Tuolake's. Affirm this disappears just about tens of year after horse of copper of Nazi premier government office, this old lady informed Berlin crime investigates office artwork investigation to be in charge of Leneialang.

According to the email of carry on Er and the other side, a Lang lock decides two doubt to be like cupreous horse owner: One is Wolfe bilking accept, another is occupied saying is one of families with the most wealthy Germany.

Holand detective blackmarket angles big fish

Investigate this one condition, a Lang makes progress hard tardy. And after a few months, in apart not far Holand Amsterdam, lan De of cloth of Er of graph of A of detective of artwork of prediction of a person's luck in a given year receives a telephone call that points to identical clew however.

The phone comes from favour of Fan Lai of Er of Dutch rice sea. The century on Fanlaien 80 time because of forging artwork put in prison, also ever chased after by Maffia kill and Interpol order circularly the arrest of a criminal at large, but on century 90 years stand suddenly afresh edge, begin to cooperate with FBI and British police.

At the beginning of 2014, fanlaien tells Bulande in the phone, agency of his old acquaintance, artwork the artwork that Shidiwendefulisi hawks a few the 3rd empire to him, sell the home to occupy saying is a surname what have embroil with Nazi is Fulike, familial.

Abide is worn this one clew, bulande acts the part that has bagman, fiction gives the name is Mo Si buy the home, contacted with Defulisi in December 2014. He obtains Defulisi successfully to trust, will mix this year in Feburary will meet twice with the other side in May, set take more news selling the home.

During this, alangde knows Bulande's operation, with him together, two find out force to close 2 for one.

The information that two people master integratedly, combinative boat is patted wait for investigation method, final lock decides a target to be located in to part base Er and the two place residence that Ba Tedi overcomes.

Sculpture work or will receive homecoming to have

In German north in the house of Home Fulike of urban radical Er, police finds a large bronze statuary. Statuary behaved to extend the figure of naked man soldier that holds a sword, occupying a letter is the government office of new Caesarean prime minister that lay mines captures Er to was Xitele 1939 advocate one of two sculpture that court creates.

The residence of Wolfe bilking accept in the Batedikehaimu that is located in German southwest ministry, police discovers lay mines of 3 same out outside a storehouse the granite anaglyph of Kerr's hand. These 3 anaglyph are 10 meters long, 5 meters wide, every make an appointment with 40 tons again, be broken up severally tens of small. They are lay mines formerly Kerr is those who decorate the world triumphant arch and make, but do not have the use on the clique finally.

Show a body together with 3 anaglyph, still have sculpture of 6 large bronze: Two people that capture Er creation by lay mines are statuary, the woman of the hand that Fulicikelimu uses two out is naked picture, and two when Tuolake casts giant cupreous horse, according to estimation, the value of horse of a copper may be as high as 8 million euro (add up to) of 54 million yuan of RMBs about.

The Germany that tracks this investigation a few months " bright mirror weekly " 26 days of reports, the sculpture work that hunts down this receives homecoming very likely to have. A few museum exhibit of purpose these sculpture, cause number with what caution common people advertises the fanaticism of heroic creed to adore to Nazi with 1 million plan the person dies.

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