Asian safe peak meets the one man outside the assembly room be shot dead police arrests 2 people

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Local time on May 31, singapore police expresses, before dawn was in a man that day tegument of hotel of lira of this state sweet division shoots shoot dead. Police arrested 2 people.

In report will occupy new network on May 31 Singapore media coverage, singapore police is in 31 days in the morning local time Asian safe peak can shoot dead a man outside hotel of lira of assembly room sweet case. Hotel of sweet case lira today guard more forbidding, but the atmosphere inside field is quiet, the plenary session is held normally.

Singapore police expresses, a man local time 31 days of before dawn 4 when shoot 36 minutes in tegument of hotel of sweet case lira shoot dead. Police arrested two people. Police is in what be detained the article that doubt is being found to be like on one person among them is drugs.

Police expresses through gregarious website, this 3 people are stopped by the requirement in the place of the roadblock that install check near the hotel. But when the box after police asks they open car, the driver quickens desert suddenly to the car. Although police wants a driver to stop for many times, but the driver breaks through pol

ice crawl however. Car stops in the boundary of two roads finally.

Subsequently, the place installing check near accident ground is shut, launch investigation in order to go to the lavatory in the light of incident. Shut about 5 hour hind, one place installs check point to show already reopen. Additionally two install check to still be shut. Police appeals the public is far from hotel of sweet case lira to be taken.

The report says, police shoots a man hind dead outside hotel of sweet case lira, guard of hotel of sweet case lira more forbidding, but conference of 31 days still punctual hold.

Dialog of sweet case lira gathers general of multilateral defense minister, military affairs and safe expert, since was held first 2002, the battle array with each country annual delegacy expands gradually, administrative levels also rises gradually. Since 2008, it is by a foreign country head holds the position of the honored guest that publishs gist speech each years more.

(Original title: Asian safe peak meets the one man outside the assembly room be shot dead conference as usual undertakes)

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