Benefit of outstanding heart of " of male friend of Bobby of true person " blocks embedded man-made wing already plastic 190 (group plan)

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Login register " of male friend of Bobby of " of true person of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian is Jiedelika embedded man-made wing already plastic 190 (group plan) origin: ?  tries know well?2015-05-28 15:2Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http:// channel

Regard the character of fashionable whole world as doll, bobby baby still has actually the name is Kenny (Ken) boy friend, be in early already came out 1961. According to England " daily Post " will report on May 27, outstanding heart benefit blocks the Gu Siting of man of book of 34 years old of United States that Slovak is born (Justin Jedlica) had done plastic surgery 190 times, aspire becomes true person Kenny. Be in recently, jiedelika accepted plastic surgery the 191st times, for oneself embedded man-made wing.

Kennijiedelika accepted true person recently new plastic surgery, for oneself embedded wing (webpage cut pursues)

Jiedelika prepares to accept plastic surgery, back has labelled good cut line (webpage cut pursues)

The plastic surgery of embedded wing or first, need makes good number carefully on Jiedelika's back (webpage cut pursues)

Doctors prepare Jiang Jiede the filler with benefit custom-built card is embedded its back (webpage cut pursues)

The operation of this experiment sex includes to will be below back muscle of Jiedelika embedded 4 large filler (webpage cut pursues)

Jiedelika has accepted plastic surgery 190 times, include nose ministry plastics 5 times (webpage cut pursues)

Jiedelika says, he can continue to accept plastic, become perfect 100 percent all over till oneself (webpage cut pursues)

Of Jiedelika when photograph, appearance appearance is comely and lovely (webpage cut pursues)

Plastic surgery is carrying Jiedelika on the back ever since recently embedded 4 filler, they are designed personally by Jiedelika. Because never have before this,the person has accepted this kind of operation, so these embedded content are particularly custom-built, purpose going up at bringing a person to be inserted one kind the visual perception of wing suffers.

The explanation says Jiedelika: My back is embedded content is unique, by myself design, and pass me with one's own hands burnish, in order to ensure the aesthetic standard photograph of person idol matchs they and Kenny. I put forward this operation roughly idea, the hope can be in below the help in the doctor my back is embedded these 4 filler, build the effect that gives a kind to give birth to a wing thereby.

Jiedelika passes the around of whole operation transcribe comes down, be in the United States excellent program of plastic true person " Botched " on broadcast. Face-lifting doctor Leifuluojiesi (Leif Rogers) express, jiedelika has accepted plastic about a hundred times, jiedelika finds him, because he is willing to try this unprecedented operation,be.

Jiedelika says: All place of my body almost already plastic passes, but the distance is perfect still be apart from very far. People says I am the world on most plastic addict of the extreme, but I still hope to challenge the limit. As an artist, I like brushwork and sculpture, so plastic surgery is my creativity is outspread.

Do not calculate the sentence of this plastic surgery, jiedelika already plastic 190, include department of nose ministry plastics, shoulder 5 times embedded and grand chin, add up to costs 150 thousand pound (add up to a RMB about 1.43 million yuan) . In addition, jiedelika still passes operation take out the protuberant hemal mark on forehead, because whole operation needs to cross his eyelid, have the risk that causes its blindness.

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