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Login register international of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian is sufficient couplet much name curule be arrested to be accused does bribery wash money, conspire barratrous wait for accusation origin: ? ?2015-05-28 09:3 of ㄍ of discharge  feltEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http:// channel [summary] Swiss police arrests 7 international sufficient couplet in Su Li world (FIFA) after senior official, begin to be opposite to 2022 world cup application process launched criminal investigation 2018.

Sign up for network coverage according to American live abroad, local time 27 days, lynch of American judiciary minister in Bulukelin federal court announces formally, sue include international sufficient couplet (FIFA) 9 curule inside 14 people, their crime includes bribery, wash money, conspire barratrous etc, meanwhile, swiss police arrests 7 international sufficient couplet in Su Li world (FIFA) after senior official, begin to be opposite to 2022 world cup application process launched criminal investigation 2018.

Much name of international sufficient couplet is curule be suspected of having an insatiable desire for corrupt to be sued, the United States and Switzerland announce detail of corrupt corrupt case jointly. (picture origin: American media)

Lynch (Loretta Lynch) say on the press conference: The affinity between football and corrupt corrupt has been as long as 24 years, begin from 1991, the partial officer in international sufficient couplet the in using him hand right of the again and again will be him seek advantage, they apply country and benefit of collection of sports market firm to football match thing, make football industry of the whole world cheated corrupt shadow. This case at least embroil the football group senior officer of two for generations, these people are accused to abuse the post that is trusted, get the bribery of millions dollar and sales commission. Lynch still discloses, international sufficient couplet is in merely the America cup 2016 on one case, take bribes reach 110 million dollar.

American judiciary government 27 days some earlier moment publishs announce formally, announce to sue 47 accusation to 14 relevant personages, include bribery, wash money, conspire barratrous wait for accusation, among them 9 people are official of international sufficient couplet, they involve corrupt case.

Official of sufficient couplet of these 9 international is: International is member of sufficient couplet vice-chairman, Executive Board, medium Jiefuruiweibai of chairman o

f sufficient couplet of North America and Caribbean area, the Costarica is sufficient assist chairman Edward is much plum, before central america is sufficient assist with Nigaragua sufficient assist sufficient couplet of chairman, international develops an official collect to check, graceful archipelago leaves before sufficient assist secretary-general, boreal central america reachs Caribbean area before sufficient couplet chairman, before Jiekewona of vice-chairman of international sufficient couplet, vice-chairman of international sufficient couplet and thunder of case of humble of Executive Board member are much, before Brazil is sufficient assist chairman Marlin, venezuela is sufficient assist chairman Aisijiweier, before member of Executive Board of international sufficient couplet Laiaosi.

These people are existed to

blackmail by accusation, bribery, receive rake-off to wait, amount exceeds 150 million dollar, and return high specified number is acquired in the respect such as the media hookup of sports match, sale illegal income. Execute the law personnel arrests official of international sufficient couplet in Switzerland while, also be in in the headquarters that North America and Caribbean football association are located in Florida undertook ransacking, partial company boss, tall canal also is come here by drag in among the case.

Lynch expresses, the person extradite that can be sued these goes to the United States be on trial be on trial. Bulate of chairman of international sufficient couplet is not in the cavalcade that is sued.

There had been 4 people to admit one's guilt in the 14 people that are prosecuted, bulazeer of chairman of district of United States of sufficient couplet of the international before including among them (Chuck Blazer) , express according to American government, during cloth pulls lustre Er to hold the position of American district chairman in its from collection of athletic marketing company the advantage of millions dollar, and did not declare dutiable goods. Bulazeer turns since 2013 the stain witness that becomes FBI, and turn over to the higher authorities the amerce of 2 million dollar. The person that the others admits his guilt still has: Two son Dai Luohua that international sufficient couplet develops clerical director and Jiekehuana before accept (Daryll Warner) with Daruienhuana. The boss breaths out Willa (Jose Hawilla) . The person that afore-mentioned admitting one's guilt will is faced with highest imprisonment of 20 years.

Police of Su Li world will represent confederative judicatory office have inquiry to the suspect today. Swiss authorities had approved the extradite application of American respect instantly.

International sufficient couplet makes a statement say, FIFA welcomes any can help eradicative football group the action of bad behavior.

(Original title: Many curule experience has an insatiable desire for international sufficient couplet corrupt is arrested experience amount exceeds 150 million dollar)

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