Underwear of the air inside hotel of Sichuan aunt United States touchs fire alarm to be punished 10 thousand dollar

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Chinese tourist and group photo of ox of wall street copper always like to feel. This year in April, ever Chinese tourist climbed cupreous ox back, was taken local police station.

At the beginning of May, china community signs up for on the west before viatic group is being followed when the reporter is off, travel toward the United States, after arriving at los angeles to enter a public house, the tourist guide tells everybody, not long ago, a Sichuan aunt basks in underwear to touch fire alarm to be fined in this hotel 30 thousand yuan of dollar, hope everybody learn a lesson. And publish the newspaper that has this criterion news, also be put in the position with hotel marked lobby.

In half month that travels with the group, the reporter still witnessed a variety of things of the aunts that be the same as a group. Summer vacation time is forthcoming, be season of You Wang going abroad. The journey is outer, want to know do in Rome as Rome does, abide by the legal laws and regulations of each country, jockey than if Italy must not feed dove, Germany,must not going up in high speed, Thailand must not be worn solely the upper part of the body drives etc, did not break the law not carefully!

Incident reviewing:

Sun clothes to touch fire alarm room to issue a rain unexpectedly

As we have learned, this aunt that touchs fire alarm because of air garment is surnamed old, will to the United States travel this year in March.

That evening, into the Chen Da that stays in room of blame smoking floor Mom washed the dress, want to look for a ventilated local air garment, discover the window cannot be opened however. In the room everywhere look for hind, she found a wall to go up to twinkle ceaselessly the detector of raised content smoke that gives out faint ray. Empty v a place with a draught is at the back of this metal plant, hang the dress above agree to will surely work in the morning the following day. Old aunt stands bench hangs the dress, and the faint ray that smoke detector twinkles was done not have however, a few petty glass fragments were dropped, then alarm blows hard, metallic plant gush old aunt the water of one face. Shower nozzle of other fire alarm also begins the work inside the room, heavy rain fell in the room.

Old aunt still does not have reaction to come over, hotel clerk knocks, take her to arrive outside the hotel urgent avoid danger. A little while time, the station outside the hotel became full live guest. In a few minutes, fire engine, ambulance, patron wagon reachs the spot entirely. Through reconnaissance, the spot removed alarm, it is normal that the hotel restored, everybody returns a room in succession. And the room of old aunt immerses completely already was in in water, bed, television, baggage, carpet is drenched. The room does not have a law to live, the hotel also can be offerred without much room that day change, old aunt was forced to endure one evening in old hall.

By claim for compensation final compensate pays 30 thousan

d dollar 10 thousand

The following day afternoon, the hotel opens the compensatory sheet that gave a piece of 30 thousand dollar for the old aunt that get into trouble. The reason is old aunt hangs air clothes tree on smoke detector, the glass that brings about detector to go up is broken. This small glass is equivalent to the starter of detector, caused hotel fire alarm to call the police.

Listed on this Zhang sheet fire control is applied set, business loss of the article detailed list that the need such as all of electric equipment, home, bedding, wall paper compensa

tes for and hotel, add up to 30 thousand much dollar.

Old aunt immediately foolish eye, did not think of oneself innocently lift can change so big brushstroke to fine. After classics tourist guide and hotel talk things over for many times, final, let old aunt compensate pay more than 10000 dollars. The hotel just expresses, that room that old aunt enters cannot live a person inside a month, carpet, furniture must change.

Foreign journey needs to notice:

The kiss on the car wants amerce to chew chewing gum to will suffer punishment

Italy: The building that Venetian does not hope they are beloved is adorned by dove dung meantime. Local government also does not welcome to feed the tourist of dove on square of holy Ma Ke. If be first offence, authorities can be warned; If recommit is captured, must face the fine that is as high as 600 dollars. In Italian city Eboli, local law provision kisses on the car of actuate is can be in with highest of the amerce of 500 euro.

Thailand: If you are bare,the upper part of the body drives if car or autocycle are captured by the police, must eat punish sheet.

Singapore: Chew chewing gum, the bird is fed on square, spit everywhere, not strong toilet can let you be punished.

Switzerland: In Swiss apartment, toilet bowl is being used after 10 o'clock in the evening break the law actually, and the male is standing after 10 o'clock in the late evening pee also is illegimate.

Aunt United States swims thing

Reporter this go on a journey, still witnessed the thing of many aunts in the group.

Meal hind washs a false tooth in public

Local time on May 4, 10 people are surrounding one desk sit eat having a group, after eating when groups big chat, an aunt of year of nearly 7 a period of ten days that come from eyebrow hill took out the false tooth in the mouth in public unexpectedly, put its in tea handleless cup to clean.

Settle way: Can clean to toilet.

Seize the opportunity to change the position by oneself

On May 9, los angeles leaves for the plane of buffalo city to go up. Steward is persuaded for many times not below the circumstance of fruit, look for Chinese student studying abroad to use Chinese be on the air: If Chinese tourist or else sits in his locally, will be asked to leave a plane. Origin is a comes from Qiong Lai aunt in viatic group wants aboard to change seat, steward was persuaded a few times do not listen, cause the passenger from the back to cannot be entered sit.

Means of settlement: After the plane takes off, change takes with adjacent again after safety belt hints the lamp goes out, sit in also cannot make a racket together.

It is child or artwork want to feel no matter

In travel process, a few aunts see foreign child, always want to be felt hold in the arms, was checked a few times by the tourist guide. Very earnest ground tells the tourist guide everybody, if the foreigner sees his child without reason,be held in the arms by stranger can call the police.

In addition, always like when group photo of aunt of a few China and sculpture, artwork recumbent or feeling.

Means of settlement: Can admire, but cannot be felt casually or lean.

The tourist guide says: Civilization goes out row, be at ease the note on

Zhu Zhengying, take Chinese group travel going abroad 10 old: Very much round friend blames mouth of thing disagreement flavour abroad, do not provide hot water everywhere. As the tourist guide, we can arrange the thing that suits everybody as far as possible only. But, arrived foreign country, hope everybody can do in Rome as Rome does, civilization goes out row. Go abroad every time before boarding a plane, we have a specification attending a meeting a group, everybody should listen attentively, put the note on the heart. Give many portion civilization, journey much portion is happy.

The aunt says: Piece good strategy is made before travel, understand local folk-custom and contraindication

Tian Youlin of dweller of sanded lasher community, go abroad 20 years swim 15 times: The travel agent that the home before I think to going abroad accepts the order is accountability do for the tourist a few groom appropriately. If beforehand with respect to come to an agreement or understanding, so much state won't give after going out. The meeting before myself goes out makes good strategy first on the net, understand local folk-custom and contraindication. For instance: The head that does not touch small Sramanera to Thailand, look around to Vatican should wear pants, had better not eat chewing gum to wait to Singapore.

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