Vietnam prohibits publishing Chinese talk feeling the novel calls too bawdy torment teenage body and mind

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Chinese novel was prohibited publishing in Vietnam! According to the United States " times " will report on May 22, vietnam government announces, prohibit love novel (Romantic Novels) , come from Chinese novel especially, because its content is too bawdy (Obscene) , the body and mind of adolescent of meeting torment Vietnam.

Vietnam prohibits publishing talk feeling temporarily novel (the picture comes from the Thanhniennews that jump over intermediary)

Talk feeling novel " step by step Jing heart " jump over article edition

Jump over intermediary " Thanh Nien News " report, vietnam pressworks Zhu Fan of publication department spokesman and (Chu Van Hoa) express, the banned book of great majority comes from China, include homosexual theme, not Lun Lian, advertise a gender to invade wait for content, the ground that is stood includes: Cliche (Clich D) , insignificant (Useless) , bawdy (Obscene) reach disgusting (Offensive) , they are thought to contain act indecently towards content, in moral level fetching detest, and the love view that disseminates a mistake, encourage a rape even.

Zhu Fan and emphasize, won't fall frame literary kind of work, but the government must want normative culture activity and people idea, pondering over He Zhecai is advantageous to people.

Zhu Fan and express, banned book limits basically is in the light of what the theme shoulds not be Luo Man history, passional novel, the ban won't be carried out for a long time. But after the ban removes, can allow partial publisher to publish a novel optionally only. The custom public feeling that he stresses all novels must according with Viet

nam (Suitable With Vietnamese Habits And Customs) .

Close the coming year, chinese network literature is held in both hands in Vietnam be heated, among them talk feeling the novel is best-selling. According to " reference news " will report in March, 5 years the interpreter publishs a Vietnam Chinese books 841 kinds, the breed that is translated from Chinese network literature among them is occupied 73% . The reporter visits Vietnam bookshop, counterjumper shows the move is filled up with the long bookshelf of novel of 3 China network says, they are first-rate sell, " rob a tomb takes notes " more interesting, old person and youth are bought. A Ling of student of the college inside the river that picking a book in the bookshop says to the reporter: I like to read situation of these contemporary China character novel, because they use the language of very unripe activation,will relate romantic story.

Nowadays, vietnam places the love novel that wears these to come from China definitely. Nevertheless, network novel did not allude in the ban. Some closer year, the website of Chinese network literature such as city of advance river literature became the attention heat of lover of literature of a few Vietnam. Reader of a lot of Vietnam has such chasing after story experience: New paragraphic update, wait to jump over article edition interpreter not as good as, look so that also be absent in the mist in the cloud with translator directly.

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