Outside intermediary: Mexico the look forward to in because cancel tall iron project,will be being compensated for 8.1 million RMB

Jan 15, 2022 上海龙凤自荐

According to Reuter report, an official Zhousi expresses Mexican the Ministry of Communication, because cancel tall iron project, will build Inc. to offer to Chinese iron nearly 2, 0 wrap around all alone (1.31 million dollar, add up to a RMB about 8.1 million) compensation.

Mexico to value the tall iron project of 3

.75 billion dollar undertook invite public bidding last year, the person that Chinese iron proposes the exclusive contest bid that leading financial group ever was this project. But get mark soon, mexican respect cancels this contract suddenly.

This year earlier, after Mexican government starts invite public bidding the 2nd times to cancel this project again because of cutting a budget again next, chinese iron establishs the cost detailed account during leading financial group submitted item of contest elevation iron to Mexico, raise claim for compensation.

Zhou Si of Yuriria Mascott of

Mexican traffic undersecretary says to the reporter, the government had completed the analysis that builds contest mark cost to Chinese iron.

Legal group tells me indemnity makings is adjacent 2, 0 wrap around all alone, she says.

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