One militia official of Japanese group " rape group " enter civilian rape a woman by turns curtilage

Jan 15, 2022 爱上海同城论坛


news net will report Japanese Hokkaido letters Huang city will produce 3 men to enter in March on May 21 civilian rape woman case curtilage. Police announces 20 days, 32 years old of ursine slope of experience case are heavy handsome, 44 years old of 31 years old of Shan Zhifan inside rice, bridges are achieved originally, already was arrested and calm

bear make row, rebuke slope is weighed among them handsome identity is official of the militia in sky. To this, militia respect still has no any responses.

The report of company of communication of cite Japan current affairs will say network of Taiwan Dongsen news on May 21, japanese police expresses, these 3 men are not acquainted originally, it is actually make an appointment to form rape group on the network, on March 6 in the morning 9 when, enter a house inside city of Huang of thin pieces of wood used for writing on in ancient China, blindfold eye of 20 years old of women inside house, by turns the gender approachs have one's way, return filch the property in her home, be arrested according to monitor picture by police.

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