The United States gets fight with weapons between groups of people of city motor party to upgrade gunfight already was caused 9 dead 18 injuries

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China News Service rests electric United States will get Si Dui on May 17 police of city of city Wei division confirms Kesasi 17 days, hostile motor party was in the city is midly that day fight with weapons betw

een groups of people of a dining-room happening, upgrade to gunfight then, already caused 9 people death at present, 18 people are injured.

Simodu of spokesman of Wei division police (Patrick Swanton) expresses on the press conference, the violent conflict between faction of this motor party causes 9 people death, 8 people die at dining-room of double 17 days afternoon peak (the pop spot of Twin Peaks) , additionally 1 person disables in hospital rescue death. 18 person that hurt by send to the hospital from the spot, it is bullet wound and knife

wound more, it is faction member entirely. Among them two serious wounded person already were accepted to other hospital by move deepness cure.

The Dekesasi in the shopping centers that police appeals to the citizen goes out to avoid development lays gun proposal as far as possible all right the market (Central Texas Marketplace) .

This is a very terrible setting, complement says Si Modu, the investigation personnel that comes from many orgnaizations is gathering evidence in the spot, processing body, cartridge case, cutting tool, bludgeon and other the tool that involves fight with weapons between groups of people. At least 3 people are arrested, a few people are detained to cross-question.

Just began, motor is quarrel and limbs conflict only between party faction, upgrade very quickly to the weapon such as knife, bludgeon, ball and chain, shoot finally fight. Fight with weapons between groups of people erupts from double peak dining-room, shift goes to busy parking lot later. Authorities says, in the begining the police already received pop call the police reach the spot, a few polices firing to motor party, get hurt without the policeman.

The client of the spot and spectator are searched in succession covering. Eyewitness says, heard what 30 guns shoot to amount to 100 noisy report of a gun. Authorities immediately blocked whole shopping centers. Many motor party members are accepted in parking lot roadside execute the law the inquiry investigation of personnel.

Si Modu points out, in the past in a few months, police has been aware motor party is brewing the conflict in double peak dining-room, all the time this meeting of monitoring faction, fear a few members can transfer other place to continue to confront each other. He expresses, wei division police once tried to work together with management department of double peak place reduce violent risk, but of no help, latter did not offer a lot of helps.

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