Han intermediary: Chinese low pickle " occupational " Korean table

According to Han Lian the company will report on May 17, the

material of foreign trade statistic that hall of Korea custom duty publishs 17 days points out, come from 2010 this year in April, korea pickle trade deficit is 84.09 million dollar. The pickle that exceeds 200 thousand tons every year among them is produced by China, the pickle that China produces is already occupational Korean table.

According to the report, data of foreign trade statistic points out, korea pickle imported the forehead to exceed exit specified amount greatly, formed trade deficit thereby. Korea has more than 200 thousand tons pickle every year is produced by China, and regard the exit country with Korea the biggest pickle as Japan, because yen devalues,wait for element influence, bring about Korea pickle exit to decrease continuously.

The data shows, the pickle that Korea imports at present 99% come from China, it is with Chinese cabbage pickle exemple, homebred pickle is Korea only in the 1/3 of homebred pickle price, consequently Chinese pickle has competition ability very much.

It is reported, homebred pickle basically supplies the restaurant of Korea, hospital, school and enterprise dining room to wait in great quantities in, and the pickle that road of Korea high speed serves an area to have 95% is produced for China. To it contrary is, wait for a reason as a result of the difference of wholesome standard, korea did not export the pickle that Korea produces to China almost.

The personage expresses related ministry of Korea farming food, korea pickle basically exports Japan centrally, korea respect is being promoted break non tariff barrier, the pickle that your Korea produces has an opportunity to export the mar

ket of the country such as China.

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