Before France " belle minister " doubt public money buys luxury to be checked

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During the attorney general before France pulls Xidadadi to be suspected of holding a post, abusive public money buys extravagant dress, bury sheet to wait for advanced dining-room and cate, accepting audit department to investigate.

The graph is Da Di, the United States is colourful moving, pursuit is fashionable

Regard a belle as the minister, dadi publishs fashionable magazine the title page of a thread-bound book often

Da Di is 49 years old, be born at family of Moroccan descendants immigrant, came to held the position of attorney general 2009 2007, it is member of the first cabinet of North Africa descendants, but because of political style strong, life makes a group high-key and get dispute quite.

In people look, da Dimei is colourful moving, pursuit is fashionable, often wearing enlighten abstruse fashionable dress, collocation loves Ma Shisi towel to appear in public eye shot, still become French fashion for many times kind the cover girl of the magazine.

The luxury such as towel of love Mashi silk is bought for oneself with public money during the attorney general before France pulls Xidadadi to was exposed to the sun to take up the post of a minister by French media recently. Da Di gives to this deny, say this is the political plot that is aimed at this.

Exposing what illicit of the public money that amount to the base of a fruit uses is France " viewpoint " weekly. This magazine explodes 13 days makings say, fish of French audit court, da Di came 2007 consumptive public money is close during judiciary of in control of 2009 9000 euro buy love for oneself the famous brand dress such as Ma Shisi towel, flower and wine, still cafeteria repast all is written down cost under one's name is received in judiciary. Additionally Da Di still is c

ensured to be in inside the allowance for entertainment that uses 180 thousand euro.

This matter exposes to the sun after going out, media of French much home is reprinted, dadi of 7 areas warden becomes the member that it is European parliament of 49 years old to discuss, Paris heat discusses a topic. She is denied stoutly to afore-mentioned accusation, say oneself are not national burglar, never buy individual goods with public money. Although she likes famous brand and luxury, but she emphasizes all is from dig down.

Love towel of silk of equestrian be an official to wait for luxury to be being bought with judiciary public money, the explanation that amount to the base of a fruit says, these are the gifts that give the foreign country that call in delegation. She admits to had had the case that sends foreign attorney general to love Ma Shisi towel with judiciary name really, but she emphasizes buying gift give sb a present with public money is a government the convention of departmental door.

Da Di's lawyer makes a statement emphasize, audit court did not oppugn Da Di at all actually in those days consumptive bill, do not have the content that consumes to place of judiciary problem bill to raise doubt even, just maintain financial procedures to have a problem, because do not accord with the financial regulation that apply for reimbursement,the bill that is rejected to accept is purely, direct responsibility person is in those days financial officer.

Additional, the allowance for entertainment of 180 thousand euro that is oppugned is the company of a public relations that paid to with judiciary collaboration concerns. Audit court thinks issued bill does not have this company define fund use, financial officer did not perform superintendency duty good. Company of this public relations follows Da Di and concern without the individual.

Da Di is all the time very the controversy person that individualize and sees a drop: She conceals herself none to luxury love, during holding the post of attorney general, star the dress like and manner ever brought about many critical; she is maiden later first pregnant is delivered of a daughter at the beginning of 2009 and do not reveal father identity, unripe father of numerous, child becomes derivative lover a variety of hearsay; of doubt again she will be rich later Duominikede surpasses trade Nie tells a court, ask he assumes a daughter to bring up as unripe father responsibility wins lawsuit; finally and she was censured to owe capture party membership dues by this political parties and other organizations again last year 5000 euro.

To this incident, dadi is very furious. She besides express to want to find out " viewpoint " the legal responsibility of weekly, still think this is this party camp certain person is right her circumvent.

French media reports, look at present, this is a farce that undeserved report causes media it seems that, but belle, money, politics and plot completely of a few big excitant factors, the menace that there is a word in the word that amount to the base of a fruit is adumbrative perhaps good fun still is in jian hou mian.

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