Gu Ai reachs animal mummy: Crocodilian mother conceives 8 young cub by " seal " (graph)

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Gu Ai and person make mummy for the mankind that die not only, still make mummy to the animal. Will report on May 10 according to the BBC, these animal mummy may amount to many 7000 in all, bury respectively in the 30 much place that spread all over Egypt churchyard in catacomb.

British scholar scanning discovers, a crocodilian mummy has 8 crocodile unexpectedly in the abdomen young cub. (picture origin: BBC)

Partial Egypt mummy flows into England with 20 centuries at 19 centuries. A few days ago, group of a research is in Li enlighten inferior of Dr. Maikenaite lead to fall, apply newest medicine to become scanned like the technology hundreds animal mummy. This is throughout history scale is the largest in congener scanning. The expert that studies a group comes from hospital of Mancunian royal children and center of Egyptology of medicine of Mancunian hospital biology respectively.

The animal mummy sort that accepts scanning is various, arrive from birdie eagle, arrive from feline Mi shrewmouse. Among them a crocodilian mummy is conspicuous all the more, because crocodilian abdomen is medium orderly still even permutation 8 crocodile young cub.

Additional, petite ear and nose are had on appearance of a mummy, mi of cat of be similar in shape, but framework is not complete, have a few skeleton only just. This one discovery causes controversy. The scholar thinks, this is a false mummy, gu Ai and person take it shoddy, sell make money. Nevertheless, a batch of scholar criterion that head with Maikenaite think, feline Mi mummy explains, gu Ai and person adore an animal, think that is afraid that leftover limbs is divine on animal body, need makes his mummy.

CT scanner and X smooth machine basically use children to undertake scanning at ordinary times, be taken nowadays mummy of scanning ancient Egypt, pass through the layer upon layer wrap up outside, the true construction of dug mummy interior. These mummy are flimsier, need is careful all the more when handling. Additional, because scanning undertakes in the hospital, those who use is the equipment of the hospital; When so sick person needs to scan, mummy should stop to scan instantly.

From car of drive of Egypt capital Caire a hour, can arrive at Sakala (Saqqara) Gu Miaojian is built group, mummy of 1 million animals still buries know exactly about sth up to now over. Animal mummy is reached in Gu Ai once was a giant industry,

so that people bred technically,count with 1 million plan animal people, the made

making material that makes mummy, satisfy thereby be opposite around the country of animal mummy goods be obsessed with. (letter lotus)

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