Joel Embiid was understandably frustrated Thursday night following a 112-109 loss to the Celtics, and he let it be known.

At the end of his postgame press conference, he said into the mic, "These new referees f—ing suck."

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So what was Embiid upset about?


While he didn't say specifically, it was likely a result of the no-call in the late stages of the game. The Celtics were up by two points with about 36 seconds left when Embiid was driving to the basket on what would have been a game-tying score.

He appeared to be fouled on the drive, but no call was made. As a result, Marcus Smart was able to get the ball and dunk on the other end, making it a four-point game with 23.9 seconds remaining.

It was a huge swing in momentum, and the 76ers weren't able to come back from it.

But Embiid's postgame comments are sure to get the attention of the league, even if he does have a point. The NBA takes criticism of its officials seriously and has fined players in the past for similar comments.

Embiid can expect a $25,000 fine, which comes out to about $6,250 per word. Remarkable.