Chinese toon child seed of a jin of Chinese toon takes how many money

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Chinese toon seed is one kind has nutrient value very much feed capable person, still have fair officinal value at the same time, particularly good to our body, so how many money is Chinese toon seed commonly a jin? Understand together fall.

Chinese toon child how many money a jin

Chinese toon child normally the price is in 25 go to every jins 80.

Chinese toon child quality is lighter, every jins of Chinese toon child Chinese toon child the amount is very much, get not easily, because of this Chinese toon child the price is higher, different season, quality of different Chinese toon, different sale channel, different buy an amount, its price also can have distinction, because this particular value needs,buying a place specificly to affirm.

How does Chinese toon seed eat

What Chinese toon seed points to is not the fructification of Chinese toon, however the has assistant of homonymic yellow white Chinese toon seed in Chinese toon fructification, bases is cellulose, protein, adipose, mineral, vitamin, nutrient value ratio is higher, but the flavour of seed of direct edible Chinese toon is not very good, also can bubble water or decoct water edible. Normally the method of seed of edible Chinese toon is breed Chinese toon edible of seedling of Chinese toon bud, smell is delicious and nice, can cold and dressed with sause, fry feed, egg of next chaffy dish, decoct.

Chinese toon child be what appearance

Chinese toon seed is comprised by peel, ovary and seed. Its whole length is 2.5 ~ about 3.5 centimeters. Meeting craze is the peel after fructification matures completely 5 valve, breach exceeds an in part, lobation appearance is black Brown, have fine grain, huang Zong color is expressed inside, smooth. Ovarian circle is cone-shaped, huang Zong is lubric

ious, the surface has 5 brown filament. The seed is worn in be born at ovary, the end on the seed has kind of paper-thin wing, the lower end is done not have, huang Bai is lubricious, translucent, base shape of ministry inclined mouth, kind benevolence petty not apparent.

When does Chinese toon seed pluck

Chinese toon child autumn is collected close.

Chinese toon spring is budding, at 6 blossom to August, pass the 3 time to 5 months next, chinese toon seed is mature, can collect directly close or let Chinese toon child play period of time on the tree again, make Chinese toon child crust desiccate.

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