Arhat fruit tea can be drunk for a long time can be period of arhat fruit tea drunk

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Although arhat fruit tea is a kind of very healthy drink, but we do not suggest everybody is long-term and drinkable commonly, the word that drinks for a long time or meeting have certain side effect, because this often drinks arhat fruit at ordinary times,the friends of tea should notice to fall.

Can be arhat fruit tea drunk for a long time

Arhat fruit tea had better not long-term and drinkable.

Average person is short-term inside just as well of tea of fruit of drinkable dry arhat, long-term and drinkable meeting brings about the fall of gastric bowel function, cause the pathology reaction of chain. Because flavor of arhat fruit tea is too sweet, hurt taste easily so, even if tea of fruit of long-term and drinkable arhat causes normal person easily also intestines and stomach is unwell.

Can be period of arhat fruit tea drunk

OK and right amount drink little.

Because the dietotherapy effect of arhat fruit tea is admirable, so female menstruation can drink arhat fruit tea, but right amount still can, excessive edible can be caused instead combat the effect. Come in menstruation when tide, the female may appear the symptom such as acid of appetite difference, waist, exhaustion. Right now, appropriate is chosen already action of beneficial skin hairdressing, be opposite again the food with the travel good " of " classics water, medicines and chemical reagents. The food that appropriate chooses and medicines and chemical reagents have: Hotpot, chicken, red jujube, skin of soya-bean milk, apple, Job's tears benevolence, beef, milk, egg, brown sugar, motherwort.

Arhat fruit tea has what profit

1, arhat fruit tea is long-term and drinkable the effect that has preserve one's health of nourishing lung shade, be good at stomach.

2, the D- manna alcohol that arhat fruit tea contains has relieve a cough action. Can use at cerebral oedema again, can raise blood to permeate pressure, reduce skull internal pressure, dehydration action is strong at urea, and duration is long. Return the oedema that can be used at large area burn and scald, disease of exhaustion of function of kidney of acute of prevention and cure and reduce eyeball internal pressure, treat acute glaucoma and the sweet taste provision that replace candy to make a diabetic or flavor enhancement.

3, arhat fruit tea, lung having Qing Dynasty relieves a cough, the effect with embellish aperient bowel, excessive to smoke wine wait for the cracked, pharynx that cause to work thirsty etc particularly effective.

4, arhat fruit tea has keep clear of the action of freedom radical, long-term edible has admirable hairdressing effect to the woman, and prevent the generation of canceration effectively.

5, arhat fruit classics confirms is to treat the folk prescription with chronic the most effective pharyngitis. Mouthfeel Gan Tian, improve everyday, the symptom that month of avirulent side-effect, 1-2 solves chronic pharyngitis.

Skill of choose and buy of arhat fruit tea

1. treats the external form of arhat fruit. If arhat fruit presents look of elliptical, O or the word of wax gourd form, if the appearance of arhat fruit is oblate,quality is better; , perhaps appear concave and convex when not smooth circumstance, the character that shows arhat fruit is poorer. Because,this is immature it is arhat fruit caving evidence can appear when parching through carbonadoing after pluck.

2. sees the size of arhat fruit. Attentive companionate meeting discovers, than lesser arhat fruit its price can be compared low, and in fruit and big fruit price are met slightly a few taller, because small fruit growth is not quite good,this is, it is not quite mature also to grow, it is so good to be done not have naturally in character respect. As to in fruit and big fruit, actually character is about the same, good according to what oneself need to buy.

3. sees the color of arhat fruit. Mature already the arhat fruit of stoving, its are cortical color is cinnamon; is immature already the arhat fruit of stoving, what appear is palm black. If pick the arhat fruit below from dead cane, can appear weak yellow slant white, dead yellow or palm black.

4. sees the nap of arhat fruit. If osculatory arhat fruit is more, the word of meticulous observation, the cuticular meeting that discovers certain arhat fruit not hard ha

s nap. If encounter fluey arhat fruit, the specification is Xian Guo. If do not have nap, explain arhat fruit had saved period of time, downy meeting falls off automatically slowly in saved process.

5. sees the fruit power of arhat fruit. Fruit handle also is a standard that differentiates arhat fruit maturity, if discover fruit handle is,slant white word, the fruit handle that if discover arhat fruit,that specification is becomes by not quite mature unripe fruit drying; is maize word, representing arhat fruit is by mature unripe fruit roast and into. If discover fruit handle is black word, adumbrative fructification is already degenerative and mildewy decay.

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