When does persimmon eat good to the body persimmon to eat to want Su opening

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Of persimmon have a meal have a lot of kinds, a variety of like by everybody, the nutrition of persimmon is very tall also, so it when persimmon eats is good to the body that when persimmon eats, does persimmon eat to want Su opening, look together below.

It when persimmon eats is good to the body that when

persimmon eats?

Appropriate eats after the meal. Because hydrochloric acid in gastric juice already was united in wedlock with food, appear not easily " persimmon stone " , if gastric stone appears inside the stomach, light person meeting occurrence epigastrium is aching, serious person still can stimulate gastric bowel to cause gastrorrhagia, gastritis and gastric ulcer disease, cause gastric perforation to endanger life even. The persimmon that just picks additionally, character is very strong, cannot edible, and very acerbity, after need puts 2-3 day, persimmon just is met molten, taste becomes Gan Tian is goluptious.

Does persimmon eat to want Su opening

Eat to want gargle. Persimmon contains sugar tall and contain pectic, the remains of persimmon stays in in slit between the teeth, add the tannic acid of weak acidity, cause very easily to the tooth erode form dental caries, the appropriate after eating persimmon so drinks a few water, or seasonable gargle.

Eat persimmon meeting get fat

Eat persimmon right amountly to won't cause body get fat, many vitamin C is contained in persimmon, a few edible, have enhance airframe immunity power, be helpful for the health of the body. But often eat persimmon or many edible, may cause the symptom of body get fat, candy is being contained to measure in persimmon still is taller, the proposal suffers from fat or the patient during reducing weight, should reasonable nutrition food, do not eat overmuch sweet food, fat sex food or deepfry food, proposal patient should eat the food of greengrocery more, appropriate is delicate food, increase outdoors activity more, do not stay up late, should notice to rest.

Does the soft nuclear energy in persimmon eat

The soft seed inside persimmon is eatable. The soft seed inside persimmon is seminal appearance actually, persimmon is in in producing long process, do not have the persimmon with good growth commonly, can let a seed stay this appearance, form the soft seed of soft, the composition of this kind of soft seed and persimmon pulp composition are consistent, saying so is OK of edible.

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