Beautiful dish became angry still can eat how is beautiful dish washed clean

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Beautiful dish is in daily in it is commonner, a lot of people like to take beautiful course, dish having a flower is not divided old little, so beautiful dish became angry can still eat, how is beautiful dish washed clean, look together.

Did beautiful dish become angry can you still eat?

Inspect a condition and decide. Generally speaking, delivering yellow vegetable is inedible, because it is not with vegetable in that way color is euqally green, if be,fizzle out a little a bit, do not matter, nutrition still does not have complete prediction of a person's luck in a given year, OK still edible.

How is beautiful dish washed clean

1, we should break it along its branch first come down, then we should use a knife to dissection along its bine, divide it a small a small.

2, after been cut, we can clean cauliflower. Rinse with clear water first, after be being rinsed, should let it be on brine bubble probably 5-10 minute, next reoccupy clear water is washed clean.

3, we let it be in in boiling water below Shang Yi even finally, and want sodium bicarbonate is added in boiling water.

Macula grows on beautiful dish can still eat

There is macula to be able to eat to still must treat specific condition on beautiful dish.

1, the case that can take

If macula is not much and just grow the word in surface layer, macula can eat after purify.

2, inedible circumstance

If stain has blossommed a shape, and grow very greatly, that had better not eat.

On beautiful dish why chairman macula

1, beautiful dish still has in growth process shading grows likely when saving.

2, beautiful dish is growing the likelihood in the process because rainwater much or shading of fertilizer inadequacy infection is ill, appear the phenomenon of long macula.

3, bea

utiful dish is met in saved process bacterium of Bao of division of chain of the wild cabbage on infection, cause metamorphism to appear small macula, say simply even if what we often say is mildewy.

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