Dew of peach glue sago has glue of what practice peach how to just consider bubble good

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Peach glue and sago dew do sweetmeats together still is very delicious, mouthfeel of drink of dew

of peach glue sago is very good, so dew of peach glue sago has what way, how does peach glue just consider bubble good, will understand understanding.

What way does dew of peach glue sago have?

Method one:

1, prepare glue of a few peach to work article, clean first, put next ten hours immerse inside clear water, its crumb, scoop up again next, iteration full.

2, after sago is cleaned clean, put into boiled water in the center, with medium baking temperature slowly boil translucent shape to be able to be scooped up, muddy water falls, the boiled water with right amount rejoin, boil sago all the time with small fire transparent, fish out will reserve.

3, after peach glue has immersed, a few water are added inside boiler, put in peach glue, boil with conflagration, change Cheng Xiaohuo to boil 5 minutes or so again, the white sugar with right amount rejoin, rock candy agitate arrives melt, can involve fire.

4, before giving boiler, scatter on a few sweet-scented osmanthus, sago boils transparent shape, do moisture drop, add peach glue next mix is even among syrup, essence of a few mint can be added after cold storage, can let mouthfeel become better so.

Method 2:

Prepare glue of peach of a few sago, rock candy.

1, peach glue immerses first 12 hours left and right sides, put bowl inside, join right amount water and rock candy, 10 minutes or so are boiled again after be being boiled.

2, plan a clean chafing dish, scarcely can have oil inside, add clear water to be boiled with conflagration, when after water leaves, put in sago boil, with the agitate with ceaseless chopstick, avoid to appear problem sticking boiler. The boiler below sago can begin computational time later, it is OK to use conflagration to boil 8 minutes or so, time arrived to open lid later, again stew boils half hour, boil sago dew and the water depart that burn all the time, show cool boiled water into sago next inside, put cool put into freezer again later save inside cold storage, when eating, mix dew of peach glue sago even later OK.

How does peach glue just consider bubble good

The bubble of peach glue is sent need not with when long for the standard, should see peach glue bulk increases 3 times above apparently, and knead hold when won't having apparently hard feeling, explain already complete bubble sends peach glue.

Peach glue eats much have side effect

Peach glue belongs to jelly to pledge, it is very indigestible so, such everyday edible will be aggravating the burden of taste, make taste function wrong, can cause disease of a few intestines and stomach badly. Moreover, the candy cent content in peach glue is more, so if long-term edible, possible meeting is absorbed because of cent of the candy in peach glue overmuch and cannot metabolize normally, bring about blood sugar to lift.

Peach glue eats much the meeting is toxic

Peach glue is the child of environment, exist without any noxiousness, what should not eat only is too much, peach glue won't appear bad to human body side-effect. There are a lot of water-solubility threads inside peach glue, and still contain agglutinant, right amount edible cannot can reduce fat of blood sugar blood, still can defer consenescence, hairdressing is raised colour.

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