Breast of burden unripe ox is what meaning is lacteal solid unripe ox breast

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Can see burden table when buying a few milk products, see settle on face give birth to bovine breast, so breast of burden unripe ox is what meaning, is lacteal solid unripe ox breast, will look below.

What meaning is breast o

f burden unripe ox?

There is unripe ox breast to representing its product in burden watch is unripe ox breed or among them raw material contains unripe ox milk-like liquid. Unripe ox breast is to show milk cow labors 3 days commonly in galactic, perhaps squeeze piece before long galactic, did not pass any antiseptic, all pledge, filter the raw raw milk that waits for treatment, because its are saved hard, exist only on market a few sale of breast of bulk unripe ox. And great majority is the raw material that regards liquid state as milk powder of grandma, recipe unripe ox breast will use. So the most unripe ox breast on market is to serve as raw material to appear, the part of unripe ox breast is contained in burden watch, or itself gives birth to bovine milk milk powder namely.

Is lacteal solid unripe ox breast

Either. Lacteal solid is not alone pure be in, can not say to breed solid is unripe ox breast directly. Lacteal solid is to show unripe ox breast is pure perhaps the amount of the solid matter in milk, it is an index that judges milk quality, perhaps saying is judgement unripe ox breeds or the basis of milk quality, should be the one share that says to breed solid is unripe ox breast so.

Does bovine colostrum have side effect

Put in safe hidden trouble. Niu Chu breeds protein content is abounded, nutrient value is high, can enhance a constitution, promote grow development, but belong to physiology unusual breast, put in the safe hidden trouble that a few inaccuracy decide. For the cheeper that to the body growth of each organ, system does not perfect, excessive is taken appear really possibly a few side-effect.

Bovine colostrum has what side effect

1, can bring about suffer from excessive internal heat

Cheeper taste is frail, bovine colostrum product is the gush powder that uses production of microtherm sparge technology more, the bovine colostrum noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch that this kind of technology produces, active is low, globulin of a few immunity loses active to make common protein, be digested not easily to absorb by darling, with respect to the symptom of meeting occurrence get angry.

2, the likelihood brings about have loose bowels

Darling drinks bovine colostrum have loose bowels, its are main the reason also is development of intestines and stomach is not perfected, the protein of macromolecule cannot be digested absorb bring about. So the darling under 6 months had better not eat the powdered milk that added bovine colostrum.

3, the likelihood causes sexual precocity

Compare at common milk, the content of the secrete breast element of bovine colostrum about 4 times taller, grow the content of hormone about 10 times taller, hormone of hurried sexual gland about 1 times taller. The hormone content of so high level, if excessive eats, the growth with affect the child really possibly normal development, bring about child sexual precocity.

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