What is mandarin fish fish mandarin fish fish has what nutrition value

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Everybody should have heard of rife fis

h in the life, but do you understand mandarin fish fish? Small today make up understand together with everybody, after all what is mandarin fish fish, and what nutrition value does mandarin fish fish have? Accordingly small make up us to learn together.

What is mandarin fish fish

Mandarin fish fish, Zuo division mandarin fish is belonged to. System is more expensive and side is flat, back apophysis. The mouth is big, mandible is apparently long at the upper jaw. The fluctuation jaw, denticulation that plows bone, mouth to build bone to go up to size differs, before indentation of operculum bone tailing edge, lower edge has 4 big thorn; Operculum bone tailing edge has 2 big thorn after. The head has like the scales of a fish, like the scales of a fish is tiny; Sidetrack edge carries arc on the back upsweep. Dorsal fin distributes a share, each other join, forehead is hard thorn, hind for soft fim. Body is olive, abdominal hoar, body side has irregular dark brown spot to reach spot piece; From the kiss end crosses orbit to to the lower part before dorsal fin a long and narrow black carries grain.

Mandarin fish fish has what nutrition value

1, mandarin fish fish contains rich indispensible and amino acid, and make scale balance, belong to albumen of price of high living things, have very good nutrition value to human body. ?

2, the lysine content of mandarin fish fish is rich, often edible can be promoted grow, improve intelligence, enhance a constitution. ?

3, the quantity of heat of mandarin fish fish is not high, and contain a lot ofrefuse oxidation class status, to the lady it is admirable choice.

The growth of mandarin fish fish the environment is how

Mandarin fish belongs to rock-bottom fish, distributing extensively library of Yu Jianghe lake, live in the cleaner water system such as dead water or small running water normally, with aquatic exuberance laky in the amount is more. Winter dwell is in at deep water, spring swims to littoral zone to forage, the summer and autumn go from place to place are dynamic, photograph feed exuberant, did not get lie the characteristics of burrow. In pond breed aquatics, fish of mandarin fish of summer, autumn often is concealed below pool border water plants, usable hand is caught directly; Early spring and fish of late autumn mandarin fish are dug in pond edge go float mud forms more shallow burrow, conceal among them; In pond of Yu Chi of winter criterion perch. Mandarin fish happy event pledges by grit or area of strong base mud, common tail fin dials silty agitate, form arenaceous qualitative or hard mud the check acupuncture point of bottom radical, lie next Tibet among them.

The market value of mandarin fish fish is how

Mandarin fish fish with its flesh tender delicious and celebrated China and foreign countries, it is long the curiosa of fresh water fish of negative high reputation, be in domestic and international wide to sell well. As a result of natural resource the quantity decreases with each passing day, catching mandarin fish fish already cannot satisfy market demand, breed mandarin fish fish to get developing more quickly artificially, especially domestication turns feed a technology to experiment (from photograph the bait that feed work to expect the fish arrives photograph fish of the delicacy that feed ice to arrive to absorb maneating worker worker completely again formula feed) success and promotion, the dimensions that drove mandarin fish fish to breed artificially further is changed. The price of mandarin fish fish is in every jins commonly 45 yuan are controlled to 65 yuan, as a result of district differ and the constant change of output, the price that causes mandarin fish fish also can be changed subsequently.

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