How does green plum save green plum how souse is good

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Everybody should have heard of rife fruit in the life, then you understand green plum, after all how is green plum saved, and green plum how souse is good, accordingly small make up us to learn together.

How is green plum saved

After choosing high grade green plum, also need to master the good method that saves green plum of course, actually of green plum save a method simpler also, should store by normal fruit only method is operated can. So green plum can deposit 3 ~ 4 days commonly below normal temperature, and if putting freezer to refrigerate, can save about the time that a week influences.

Green plum how souse is good

Material: Green plum 1, 000g(needs to choose ripe green plum about 8 minutes) , thick salt 100g, saccharic 1, 000g

Arrange measure:

1, green plum and thick salt exert oneself to do sth. rub kneads about 15 minutes to come green plum darken and the surface is wet.

2, be in one by one to knock from the head of the base of a fruit of plum with mallet crack, conduce to bloat tasty of be soiled process. The attention is fastened too forcibly, lest go to sticks and staves. Good rub green plum and salt enter jar, build, bloat be soiled needs at least 3 days.

3, take out plum then place the insolate below sunshine about 2 days to work to 8 minutes, put into coal tub finally, add candy group by group 4 ~ 6. In front the candy after adding candy 2 times to make an appointment with 1 ~ 2 days can melt, candy is added afresh again after dropping sugar juice every time. Bloat the Q Mei Yaojing buy with good floodwater on low-lying land puts half an year to arrive one year just but edible.

How should green plum choose

Want to choose good green plum, it is certain to master choosing a method is quite important. So high grade green plum with if really big, skin thin, luster, flesh thick, nucleus is small, qualitative fragile much, acidity is fine, juice high characteristic, sweet sweet smell is taken in having sick at heart. If choose the semi-manufactured goods that is green plum (do Shi Mei namely) if, its characteristic is

rich flexibility, show flaxen, the peel when treatment is not easy craze, inclusion is not easy prediction of a person's luck in a given year. And degenerative green plum basically is reflected in fleshy qualitative soft, change flavour, such green plum scarcely wants to choose.

Can be green plum eaten raw directly

Green plum can be eaten raw, OK and compensatory vitamin. Green plum fruit belongs to green fruit, contain a variety of acid. The divulge in its acid is worn sweet, have a distinctive flavour. Fruit juice can be treated enteritis, dysenteric etc, the preserved fruit that machines and candied fruit are very delicious also. Can eat raw, can promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, appetizing be good at lienal.

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