After watching the Rockets and Warriors play six periods Thursday night, it was tough to tell whether it was December or May.

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Houston got the 132-127 double-OT win in Oakland, ending Golden State's 12-game winning streak. It was one of those playoff-intense games that make people say, "I'd take seven games of this."

Indeed, a lot of playoff-type stuff went down, including:

— Draymond Green kicking a dude again and getting a Flagrant 1 foul. James Harden was on the receiving end this time. Style points to Green for doing it while finishing an and-one at the rim.

— Draymond Green complaining about the officiating:

— So much complaining about the officiating:

— Steph Curry fouling out on a dodgy (so says Twitter) charge call.

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— Celebrity watch: Cam Newton, Warriors fan for . . . a night?

There was also the everyday stuff, such as:

— Another Harden triple-double:

(Playing Surface illustration)

— Threes for days. An NBA-record 88 attempts, 44 for each team. The teams combined to make 26 (.295 shooting percentage).

— Charles Barkley dogging the Dubs for days. If it wasn't his "girly basketball" swipe pregame, it was a shot at the Lineup of Death postgame. "In a seven-game series, they put all them little dudes out there, they're going to get mauled." Does Chuck even watch basketball anymore?

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— Curry hitting a ridiculous shot (don't think this one counted, though).

So, seven games of this in May? Yes, please.