J.R. Smith was peak J.R. Smith Tuesday night.

The highlight of the night, of course, was when he went over to the sideline to hug Milwaukee's Jason Terry. The problem is that Smith was still playing, and the man he was supposed to be covering (Tony Snell) went up for an easy dunk.

After the game, Smith unveiled an alter-ego, but said he couldn't reveal its name. So either Smith, or his unknown alter-ego, answered the question about why he felt the need to hug Terry instead of play defense, and we got the best answer possible.

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"I wasn't paying attention," he said. "I didn't even know I was in the game. My bad."

Smith probably knows he messed up, but didn't want to get too involved with answering it, so he chose a response that wouldn't lead to more questions. When Tyronn Lue was asked the play, the coach said he hadn't seen it yet, but he didn't seem very amused like the rest of us were.