The Bucks, Grizzlies and Mavericks are boycotting Donald Trump’s hotels this season, but Knicks guard Derrick Rose won’t let politics pry him away from his property.

Rose owns a three-bedroom, four-bath condo on the 84th floor of Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago. And though Trumps presidential election victory has many protesting the real estate mogul, Rose is content with keeping his home for the time being.

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“I understand both sides,” Rose told the New York Post. “If you’re a team and you have beliefs and you stand by your beliefs, you have every right to want to stay where you want to stay. The reason why I kept my place is I felt like that’s a great location. I felt no one can tell me where to sell my property and how to sell it. I felt like I can make a hell

uva profit down the line, if I want to sell it or don’t want to.”

Rose also cited a soft real estate market for $3 million flats in Chicago as a reason to hang tight.

“Who knows, in a year or two, it may triple the price,” he said. “I’m not selling it because I don’t want to feel I’m being forced to. It’s an investment.”

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The 28-year-old who was raised in Chicago carefully toed the line with his comments and didn’t weigh in on Trump's controversial campaign and proposed policies. 

“I stay out of the political world,” he said. “His beliefs are his beliefs.”