Cavaliers fans won't let Ayesha Curry live down her most recent Twitter rant.

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The wife of Warriors star Steph Curry lashed out on social media after her husband fouled out of and was ejected from Thursday's Game 6 loss in Cleveland, tweeting that she believes the NBA is "rigged for money." She eventually deleted the tweet, but not before screenshots immortalized the tirade.

Now, Cavs fans will commemorate the incident by spinning the famed "Bye Felicia" one-liner.

As for her husband, Steph kept his cool about Ayesha losing hers.

"You've got to love that scrutiny, whether it's scrutiny and the praise, positive or negative, because of the stage that we're on," Steph said. "If we're in the Finals every year playing for a championship and that's what you have to deal with, I'm cool with it. I might have to cut the WiFi off at my house though."

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Steph, who chucked his mouthguard as he walked off the court, was fined $25,000 for his conduct. Warriors coach Steve Kerr received the same fine for criticizing the offi

cials after the game. Although Ayesha can't be penalized for her actions, she earned plenty of backlash. Still, Steph is standing by his wife despite her outburst.

"There's nothing really that's going to distract me from what's happening on the court," Steph said. "Yeah, I get asked about it, and what's between me and Ayesha, the conversations about what happened, that's going to be handled."

A deciding Game 7 is slated for Sunday in Oakland at 8 p.m. ET to determine if the Warriors will repeat as champions or the Cavs will get redemption after falling to Golden State last season.