They say LeBron James has a lost a step. 

They say he's on the other side of his prime. 

They say he's no longer the elite athlete he was when he entered the NBA as a spry 18-year-old back in 2003. 

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Don't tell that to Reggie Bullock. James harnessed the angst created by his doubters and unleashed it all on Bullock's

head in one ferocious, violent two-hand slam in the lane in the first half of the top-seeded Cavs' Game 2 matchup against the Pistons in the first round of the NBA's Eastern Conference playoff Wednesday. 

You've got to see it in sparkling high definition. 

Don't be surprised if Bullock never attempts to block another shot again. 

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LeBron's reaction might've been better than the monster dunk itself. 

Yeah, he's still got plenty spring left in those 31-year-old legs.