It looks like the Trail Blazers have found themselves a good luck charm.

Thanks to a 27-point performance from Damian Lillard on Friday, the Trail Blazers snapped a grueling seven-game losing streak with a victory over the Clippers. It's hard to give him all the credit for their win, though, seeing as a baby wallaby was in attendance to root them on.

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Seriously, just look at this cutie.



Before you jump to conclusions about someone smuggling a pet into the arena, there's a back story. Portia Neth, the pr

oud owner of the munchkin, suffers from anxiety attacks and adopted Momo three months ago to serve as her therapy animal, according to The Oregonian. It's working wonders, too, because her attacks have apparently decreased by 70 percent.

Additionally, the Blazers are 2-0 this season in games he's attended. But that's about as far as this wallaby's fandom goes.

"I tried to put a Blazers shirt on him, but he kept eating it," Neth told The Oregonian.

We feel you, little dude. It's a tough time to be a Blazers fan.



Source: @cjzero