To put it simply, Dwight Howard takes a lot of crap. Let's just ignore whether you think he deserves it or has brought it upon himself and start with that fact.

He gets yelled at all the time on social media and in arenas outside of Houston. It's not an infrequent occurrence. But there is something interesting about watching a professional athlete interact with an angry fan, much like watching a comedian handle a heckler in the crowd. That's exactly what we see here as Howard deals with some guy at the Rockets-Clippers game on Sunday who, among other things, says the eight-time All-Star didn't run the floor for the Lakers and isn't doing it now.

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Howard took the high road and told

the fan to "Let it go, man."

Both the fan and Howard weren't too serious about the conversation, and this definitely wasn't the worst thing Howard has ever heard from the opposition.

Sometimes a little trash talk can be fun.