The NBA fined Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd $50,000 for a stunt he pulled on Wednesday night in which he purposefully dropped a cup of soda on the sidelines to buy his team some extra time during a play stoppage.

During the late stages of the Nets' 99-94 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, the first-year head coach seemed to ask guard Tyshawn Taylor to run into him on purpose, knocking his cup of soda over, buying the Nets a few more seconds during a substitution.

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Kidd publicly denied doing it on purpose, but if you look at the initial contact, it appears as if he tells Taylor to "hit me."

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It's a crafty move for a rookie coach. The Nets were out o

f timeouts and sly stunt bought Kidd some extra time to draw up a play. But in the end, the Nets lost and the league caught on to his stunt.

Friday, Kidd says he was just "trying to win" when he intentionally spilled a drink on the court. He tried to avoid talking about it Friday, but when pressed, he said: "Paul (Pierce) got a great look, but the league fined me for something that I probably shouldn't have done."

He also says: "It's about trying to win and those guys in that locker room, and I tried to put those guys in a position to get a basket, a good look and we did."

The Nets had time to draw up a play while the floor was being cleaned after the spill in a loss to the Lakers on Wednesday.

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